WWE: Randy Orton’s retribution should come from Charlotte Flair

WWE, Charlotte Flair Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Charlotte Flair Photo: WWE.com /

Randy Orton dispatched Ric Flair on Raw and Charlotte needs to come for him upon her return

Randy Orton is booked as one of the most dangerous members of the WWE roster. Even though he is a legend in every definition of the word, the “Legend Killer” gimmick is back in full swing. Perhaps one of the most vicious moments came on Monday when he punted Ric Flair, adding his name to the growing list of people he is eviscerated in the ring. With that action and the words, he hit Flair with moments before one person should major offense and that’s Flair’s daughter, Charlotte.

Orton went to some harsh moments in Flair’s life when he undressed him in the ring on Monday. He called out Flair’s apparent failures of both his sons, one of which who passed in a tragic car accident. Orton even went as far as to question Flair’s frailty when he was in a coma back in 2018. All these moments are a stark look into the personal life of one of the most iconic professional wrestlers ever to grace the ring.

Then the moment came. With the lights flickering Orton delivered a perceived punt to Flair, leaving him an unresponsive mass in the ring. This brought out Drew McIntyre to continue the push to the SummerSlam title match. But what about after that match? How will Orton face retribution for what he did tonight? The answer to that question is Charlotte Flair.

Before her injury, Flair was one of the centerpieces on WWE content. Even as fans complained about her usage, WWE Creative built almost all the women’s title pictures with Flair installed in some fashion. While that was not appreciated by all, it did help elevate some of the matches that occurred during that time. With her gone the women’s title picture has shifted to Bayley, Sasha Banks and Io Shirai which is needed in that group. But Charlotte is going to come back at some point and that return should have a new focus for her anger pointed at Orton.

WWE has hinted at the idea of a return to intergender matches in various ways. Charlotte is one of the first names that should come to mind as a woman who is established enough to take on the men on the roster. Of course, she would be the underdog coming back to take on Orton in a revenge angle, but with proper storytelling it is an angle that can be delivered effectively. WWE is currently telling one story of a son in Dominik Mysterio fighting for revenge for his father, why cannot Charlotte do the same for her father that is undoubtedly more of a legend than Rey Mysterio.

Imagine the stories that Orton and Charlotte can tell as children of very big names in professional wrestling. There is so much there that can be built into powerful promos. Plus, Charlotte can go in the ring. Some of the best WWE matches of the past few years have featured Charlotte in some form. Her and Orton telling a story in action and with their words would be sure to deliver. There is so much there to work with that the story almost must be told.

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Randy Orton is the latest man to leave Ric Flair laying in the center of the ring. After they exchanged powerful promos, this story should not be over. Instead of Ric running down the aisle to attack Orton, that should come in the form of Charlotte, seething and out for revenge for her famed father.