WWE Raw: Will Mickie James get momentum for another title run?

WWE, Mickie James (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV)
WWE, Mickie James (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV) /

Mickie James made her highly-anticipated return on WWE Raw, and we found out what her first feud will be.

There is no doubt that Mickie James is one of the great wrestlers in WWE history, and she’s especially good as a babyface. James returned on WWE Raw this week, and, yes, she returned as a babyface.

The six-time women’s champion didn’t get into the ring yet, but she did get into a backstage confrontation with Natalya and Lana. One of Raw’s newest tag teams, Nattie and Lana interrupted Mickie’s first promo and started the hashtag #BOAT in honor of Natalya being the most-winningest women’s wrestler in WWE history. (She’s also had the most matches.)

That backstage encounter will lead to a match next week on WWE Raw, as Mickie James will square off with Natalya. Either Mickie will win, or Natalya will win with the help from Lana, leading to James forming a new tag team after she gets help or feuding with Nattie through August.

Those are the three scenarios I can think of, but I know that Mickie James has a lot to give to WWE in this latest run. She’s always been one of the best wrestlers in the company when she’s given an opportunity to have great matches. Her match with Asuka in NXT, of course, got her back in the company for another stint, and she had a TLC match with Alexa Bliss in 2017 that was probably Bliss’ best match of her best run as a singles star.

Mickie James will help other wrestlers on WWE Raw

Basically, James can help a lot of the rising stars in WWE, but she can also be a great champion, either as a singles champ or a tag team champ. There is a dearth of babyface tag teams in WWE right now, as the newly-formed team of Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan stands out as the only duo on WWE Raw.

So they could go in that direction with James. But the reality is that so many fans want to see James have a run with a singles championship. It’s not a case of putting the title on an older star at the expense of younger stars either. Firstly, James hasn’t had a run with a title despite putting over so many wrestlers, such as Bliss and Becky Lynch. Secondly, James is the kind of champion who can help elevate others, because she’s so good in the ring.

Hopefully, James’ feud with Natalya is just an introduction, a way of getting her a win over another great, veteran wrestler that builds some momentum. Asuka should win the title at SummerSlam, feud with Shayna Baszler, and maybe drop the title to Baszler or Nia Jax.

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And then depending on who wins, Mickie could eventually get a brief run with the title in 2021. It’s a slow process, yes, but it needs to be slow to protect the rising stars. But I do think another title run should happen for James, since fans have been waiting for it.