WWE: Could we see Dominik Mysterio reform the LWO?

WWE, Rey Mysterio (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)
WWE, Rey Mysterio (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images) /

Could the Latino World Order make a comeback? We could only hope.

Monday’s edition of Monday Night Raw kicked off with a contract signing for the SummerSlam match between Seth Rollins and the newest member of the WWE roster, Dominik Mysterio.  The signing  went the way of many before it. Until it didn’t. Incredible promos were cut by Seth and Samoa Joe, and Dominik’s performance on the mic wasn’t nothing to be scoffed at as well.

However, in the back of all our of minds, we were all waiting for the obligatory brawl that we’ve been conditioned to expect. The brawl didn’t happen, certainly  not in the form we expected, or at the time we expected it to happen. Right after Rollins and Dominik signed the contract for their match at SummerSlam (with Dominik also signing his WWE Contract),  Rollins was scheduled to face Mysterio family ally, Humberto Carrillo in a one on one match.

The match in its self was inconsequential, a backdrop for the beat down that was about to take place. Seth dominated the majority of it, and while Dominik made it very difficult for Murphy to cause a distraction, even hitting Murphy with a kendo stick, when he tried, Rollins didn’t really need the outside help. The action  in the ring ended in the expected manner with Rollins curb stomping Carrillo for a decisive Victory.

For the briefest of moments , there was a stare off between the SummerSlam opponents . A moment that was short lived as Murphy attacked Dominik from behind. What followed was what can be described as one of the most brutal beat downs in recent memory. It was almost hard to watch. With every strike from the kendo stick that fell across Dominik’s back, I started wishing that someone, anyone, would put a stop to it. Alas , this was not to be.

In the aftermath of the attack , I started to look for superstar’s reactions on social media. Rey Mysterio’s (Dominik’s father) anger was immediately palpable in his tweet:

then I saw this:

My first reaction to Escobar’s tweet was: aren’t you a heel? why would you care if Dominik Mysterio gets brutally beat down? Then I saw more reactions from other Latin American WWE superstars such as Raul Mendoza, Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado,  Andrade, as well as Angel Garza. Good guy, or bad , it didn’t matter.  For these superstars , by doing what he did Seth had disrespected La Raza, the community.

The reactions had me thinking, what if this led to the formation of  a new Latino World Order (LWO) under the leadership of Dominick Mysterio. The attack on Dominick showed that the lucha libre artists in WWE were willing to put aside differences to avenge on of their own. Escobar even said Rollins’s actions wouldn’t go unpunished.

The reincarnation of the LWO would create an almost unstoppable faction. One that doesn’t have to be  limited to one particular brand. Lucha House Party, and Legado Del Fantasma  can stay on their respective brands of SmackDown and NXT (as well as 205 Live). Andrade and Angel Garza won’t have to leave their alliance with Zelina Vega.

Think of  this Latino World Order  as a conglomerate of sorts. It would have distinct entities in Legado Del Fantasma, Lucha House Party,  Vega’s Associates. Dominik Mysterio can even  carry on with his singles career. Each with their own separate identity, but also recognized under a larger umbrella known as the LWO.

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Now, I know this may seem like wishful thinking on my part, a bit of fantasy booking, so to speak. Maybe it is, or maybe it is feasible that this group could actually come into existence in some form or another. All I will say is this, whether this becomes a reality or not, Seth Rollins has a bigger target on his back than he did a week ago.