WWE Rumors: Could RETRIBUTION have a Survivor Series 2020 match?

WWE, Vince McMahon (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
WWE, Vince McMahon (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

Survivor Series 2020 is a few months away, but WWE Rumors already indicate that RETRIBUTION could have a role to play at the Big 5 PPV.

RETRIBUTION has been a hot angle in WWE ever since they destroyed everything on SmackDown, chainsaw included, last week. Now, fans are wondering who is in the group, what could be next, and how long their stay will last as a faction.

It’s clear WWE are trying something new to generate interest in the product with RETRIBUTION, and there’s an indication of a long-term plan for the five-membered (currently) faction.

On the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast with Korey Gunz, via Sportskeeda.com’s Lennard Surrao, Tom Colohue stated that there’s a reason why RETRIBUTION has debuted with five members. Colohue says that with five members, they are a “very good fit” for a five-on-five traditional Survivor Series match if that’s the route they want to take.

But for now, he reports that WWE are planning on doing the same Raw vs. SmackDown vs. NXT battle from last year’s Survivor Series, which was successful. Having RETRIBUTION in a match is an “option” for WWE, if they choose to do something different.

WWE should do something different at Survivor Series 2020

And honestly, I’d like for them to choose something different here. Because the whole brand supremacy thing about Survivor Series has gotten old. It doesn’t feel like it matters. Last year, NXT winning made the statement that it was on par with Raw and SmackDown, but we already knew that in terms of quality. The problem is that it’s not on par with those brands in terms of TV ratings, payment to superstars, and all the other indicators of actual brand success.

Fans often complain that a lot of WWE television lacks true stakes, and I’ve noticed that those complaints kick up a notch around Survivor Series. I also think those critiques are valid, and WWE has an opportunity, with their new emphasis on factions, to have stakes and present Survivor Series 2020 in a much different way from the past few iterations of the Big 5 Pay Per View.

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Let’s see what the next couple of months hold for RETRIBUTION, because there’s no guarantee they’ll still be around either. Hopefully, they are, and hopefully they are a major success; it would be fun to have a new story at Survivor Series this year.