Jeff Cobb remains a name to watch

NJPW, Jeff Cobb (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
NJPW, Jeff Cobb (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /

Jeff Cobb is a top prospect that would fit into any major promotion

Free agency is an important part of professional sports, but also impacts the world of sports entertainment that is professional wrestling. There are several names that stand out as top prospects in today’s industry and Jeff Cobb is one of them that deserves a high level of consideration. He sat down with Sean Ross Sapp of FightFul to discuss his status and after listening to that conversation he is someone that should be considered on the short list for major promotions like the WWE and AEW.

At 38-years of age, Cobb has seen success in a variety of organizations. He has held belts in Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and New Japan. At first glance it is clear to see why Cobb gives off the vibe of being a legitimate fighter and he delivers that type of style in the ring. There is a vibe in professional wrestling today where competitors that have credentialed pedigrees are valued more than they were in the past. Cobb stands out as such an individual and it translates in the ring.

It is that translation that makes it easy to understand why organizations are interested in adding Cobb to their roster.

“There was a point where I felt like the new girl in school because everyone was trying to court me,” Cobb said. “It felt cool to be wanted.”

The want is coming from the most important organizations in the world today. Cobb is currently performing with New Japan, where he just put on an excellent match with Kenta. He was recently involved as a part of the Chris Jericho versus Jon Moxley storyline and even WWE has shown interest in his services. Cobb responded with a “WWE, yes,” when asked which organizations have shown an interest.

Fantasy booking professional wrestling is a frustrating practice as people usually book themselves into a shoot, but Cobb would immediately fit into many spaces within WWE. Imagine the type of booking that could be created with Cobb facing off with the likes of Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, Big E, Cesaro and others. Think about a world where Samoa Joe is his mouthpiece or tag partner. Reasons to immediately begin salivating.

Cobb would also work in AEW. Jericho brought him in as a hit man of sorts, so continuing that but aligning his services with the likes of Taz, Brian Cage and Ricky Starks is even more attractive. The opportunities there are just as alluring.

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The COVID-19 global pandemic has forced the wrestling industry to a screeching halt. As the community slowly begins to restart itself, this is also becoming an opportunity for some men and women to separate themselves in ways that will create success for them in the future. Cobb has always been someone to watch so as these groups get back into full swing there is no telling where he will turn up and cause havoc.