WWE SummerSlam 2020: Why Mandy Rose needs to beat Sonya Deville

WWE, Mandy Rose Photo Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Mandy Rose Photo Credit: WWE.com /

While most of us do favor Sonya Deville, here’s why Mandy Rose needs to win at WWE SummerSlam 2020.

As many fans speculated, the match at WWE SummerSlam 2020 between bitter rivals Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose will indeed be a Hair vs. Hair match. It’s a unique stipulation with stakes that mirror the way Sonya cut Mandy’s hair in a brutal backstage attack a couple of weeks ago, kicking this excellent rivalry up a notch and all but guaranteeing the match on Aug. 23.

Between these two wrestlers, Deville is widely seen as the one with more potential as a top star in WWE. Deville has established herself as one of the best promos on SmackDown, earning the trust of Vince McMahon and the creative team due to her impeccable delivery. She’s one of those wrestlers who makes you care and one of those heels who legitimately gets you scared about what she will do next.

But because Deville is cutting so many great heel promos on Rose and getting so much heat, it’s important for the babyface to get hers. Rose showed her own talent on the most recent episode of SmackDown, cutting a great, fiery babyface promo on Deville that should stand as one of the best promos of the week in WWE.

So while Deville gets the most praise and should be a top star, Rose also has a lot of potential in the company as a future world champion. This rivalry has a chance to make both wrestlers into big stars on SmackDown, and the Blue Brand REALLY needs that boost.

Sonya Deville is already on the right path in WWE

Deville is already made. She can lose this match, and it’s going to be OK since she’s gotten wins over Rose in the past. But if Rose loses a Hair vs. Hair match after already getting her hair cut by Deville and getting roasted by the heel so often, Rose is in serious trouble as a babyface. I can’t even see a conceivable way in which she loses this match.

Another thing that helps Deville is the possibility of her winning the Money in the Bank briefcase from Otis. It’s not something to expect, but Deville is on a better trajectory than Otis right now. She could do wonders with the briefcase, and she’s a much better fit for it. In fact, I’d be hard-pressed to come up with another wrestler on SmackDown who could do more with the briefcase than Deville.

To get to that point, though, I think Deville needs to lose the Hair vs. Hair match in order to get more momentum in the long run. I know it’s a weird way of looking at it, but the fallout of Mandy Rose getting her big win and Deville being able to move on to something bigger without getting hurt would be an absolute win-win.

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WWE has two stars in Deville and Rose, and they can do themselves a huge favor by booking a great match at WWE SummerSlam 2020 between them. At the end of the day, though, Rose needs to be the one walking out as the winner.