WWE: The Naomi Deserves Better movement has basically been denied by the company

Naomi, WWE SmackDown Feb 14. Credit: WWE.com
Naomi, WWE SmackDown Feb 14. Credit: WWE.com /

Naomi deserves better, and WWE isn’t rectifying their poor booking.

Prior to last night’s episode of SmackDown, WWE superstar Naomi was booked for two appearances. One was a segment on Miz TV and brief encounter with Lacey Evans, and the other was a one-on-one match between Naomi and Lacey Evans where Naomi secured a relatively empty victory.

Naomi then reappeared by taking part in the triple brand women’s battle royal that ended up not going over well with many wrestling fans.

** Slowly sips my Frappe and sighs **

Ladies and gentlemen of the wrestling jury, you can all be seated at this time.

I would like to put a special emphasis on all my beautiful Black and Brown fans all over the country and worldwide — everybody who is fortunate enough to be blessed with melanin at this point and time.

All allies in attendance, thank you for coming. You could’ve been anywhere in the world, but you’re here, and I thank you.

I’m not going to go back over the resurgence of the #NaomiDeservesMatter movement. I’ll send you to my last post for that. What we really need to talk about what the hell happened on SmackDown because everything about how they treated Naomi and her fans was vile.

So… here’s the deal.

When WWE announced a triple brand battle royal would take place on the Aug. 14th episode of SmackDown, Naomi fans, in particular, lit up social media with anticipation of the Glow Queen winning the match and facing Bayley at Summerslam for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

The maddening way Naomi was eliminated on WWE SmackDown

We had no real idea of who exactly was going to be in the match. But, it was definitely a dream because who else on SmackDown is a real contender for Bayley right now?

Dana Brooke? No. Lacey Evans? Absolutely not. Tamina? ** Rolls my eyes **

It made sense! It just made sense. Naomi being in the match made sense. But, how she was booked in the match made no sense!

Ok. First of all, y’all know how I told y’all WWE doesn’t ever want to give Naomi a decent amount of time in the ring unless she was a match with a bunch of other women? Well…

Whoop! There it is y’all!

A classic example of what the hell I was talking about! That was a prime example!

But, hold up. That’s just number #1.

Then, they had Naomi have a completely unneeded, unnecessary, unasked for interaction with Lacey Evans.

But, hold up, they just had to top that.

WWE then had Lacey Evans, of all people, eliminate Naomi and then had commentary mock Naomi fans cries for better treatment in the company! And on top of that, gave the win to a woman who already had a title match against Sasha Banks!

Not to mention the whole mockery of the current Black Lives Matter protests (specifically the rioters infiltrating the movement who aren’t even protesters or affiliated with the movement, to begin with) with this whole “Retribution” thing!

It’s madness! It really is mind-blowing and completely absurd!

I just… I just don’t understand! I’m really not understanding why they constantly deny Naomi a much-deserved push and better treatment.

They denied her last night! They denied her and her fans! WWE basically denied the whole damn Naomi Deserves Better movement, using both the match and commentary to do it.

** Takes another sip of my frappe and passes out honey buns **

Where does Naomi go from here in WWE?

I really don’t know where Naomi and her fans should go from here. I really don’t. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I have an answer here. But, what I’m quite sure of is that I don’t see Naomi being used again for a while until her fans apply mad pressure on the company.

But, otherwise, I’m not seeing it.

Not the next episode of SmackDown, not SummerSlam, and not Payback. I don’t see her getting used again for a while. But, I hope I’m wrong.

This might be the part where fans might need to get more direct with WWE because WWE is basically making their position clearly through their actions despite constant outcries and outrage from the fans. Specifically, on social media.

In this particular case, social media isn’t likely going to affect their viewership. Social media isn’t likely to affect their money. If none of that is deeply affected, WWE is going to keep doing what they’ve been doing and continue to not take fans seriously. Anybody catching my drift?

Fans need to be prepared to keep applying pressure until Naomi gets what she deserves! There’s no real telling how long that’s going to take. But, we need to keep pushing for a championship match, preferably between her and Bayley.

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But, she needs a real championship match that’s at least thirteen minutes long and if she can get a stipulation match, even better. She needs a real championship reign, real competition.

WWE can mock the fans and exploit their (our) outrage all they want, but they (we) aren’t letting this go.

She’s easily one of the best female wrestlers they have, a WWE veteran, and she needs to be treated as such.