WWE Raw: Mickie James is back! Here are two dream feuds for the legend

WWE, Mickie James (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV)
WWE, Mickie James (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV) /

It’s wonderful to see Mickie James back. Here are two dream feuds for her on WWE Raw after her return.

Mickie James returned to television for the first time in what felt like an eternity on this week’s episode of WWE Raw. I hate that she got injured. But, honestly, I think it might’ve been a tad bit of a blessing in disguise.

If I recall correctly, She wasn’t exactly being treated the best, as far as storylines, in WWE. Most of the time, she was barely used at all to the point where most where fans were probably wondering what the point of her even coming back?

It was really sad to see how WWE were doing one of its biggest female wrestling legends to ever be in the company. She kind of needed that reset. Well, now that she’s back, now what?

That’s kinda the part. What should WWE do with her?

Well… ** sips my tea **

I got two main ideas! Ok?  So, I’m going to do something rarely do and do some fantasy booking!

Mickie James vs. Bianca Belair

There’s no way in the world this feud wouldn’t slap! They both have sass, the attitude, they’re both super talented in the ring and on the mic, one’s a veteran and wrestling legend, the other is the -EST of WWE, a legend in the making, and a straight-up bonafide star. What’s better than this?!

Now the big key here is what on earth they would feud over. I’m not seeing them feuding over a title for some reason. Or at least in the beginning anyway. I see them feuding over something else.

Regardless, I could see them a major feud and even a couple of iconic moments along the way. Imagine the war of words between the two in the ring! Social Media! Y’all saw how Bianca Belair attacked Zelina Vega in her own house? Epic!

I can only imagine the creativity involved in this feud. I’m telling you now! This feud is sure to be money!

Mickie James vs. Asuka Revisited

Remember when Asuka needed an opponent for NXT Takeover: Toronto and William Regal revealed he had a surprise for Asuka and he found her an opponent — a challenger and it was Mickie James making her return to WWE?!

(Screams) Epic!

Their match at NXT Takeover: Toronto, epic! Asuka was the perfect opponent for Mickie’s return and I think that we need an official feud between the two. Yeah! We need to that back again especially since they have a little bit of history. We need more! Now, this feud could definitely be over a title or for the title. We’ll have to see watch what happens at Summerslam (and Payback, respectively).

Either way, it would be cool to build on that history over time, and we are very likely to see some major matches between Mickie James and Asuka. Stipulation matches, even better.

No Matter What…

Let’s just all hope that WWE does better by Mickie James this time. I’m personally not looking forward to one of the best to ever do it being treated as a jobber…. again. She doesn’t have time for that and neither does her fans.

Next. Will Mickie James get the momentum for another title run in WWE?. dark

They need be careful how they book her because they need to be pushing new women (other than the four horsewomen) while at the same time treating her as the legend she is.  I don’t know where this Lana/Natalya storyline is going, but lets all hope it’s only up from there.

All we want is the best for her. Period!