Beyside High: Why Chris Bey is the Future of Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS
IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS /

At just 24 years old, Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Chris Bey is making waves in the wrestling industry and showing why he’s a future Superstar.

Competing in WWE, ROH, and Impact Wrestling in the span of a month is unprecedented, but for Chris Bey, it seems almost fitting.

Bey, the 24-year-old rising superstar out of Las Vegas, is the current Impact Wrestling X-Division champion and seems poised to break out in a big way.

The three-year pro hasn’t even scratched the surface of his abilities, but he’s already started to catch the eye of the entire business.

Boyhood Dream Come True

Back in October, after Bey competed in three of the biggest promotions in America within a month, the EVP of another major promotion, AEW, had his interest peaked by Bey.

Cody Rhodes tweeted his signature ear cuffing gif in response to inquiries about AEW signing Bey. However, AEW ultimately never brought in Bey, and their loss ended up being Impact Wrestling’s gain.

Just ten years ago Chris Bey was on YouTube showing off his replica TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and now he’s well on the path to holding the real thing.

Bey exudes cool factor, from his blonde locks, tattoos, sunglasses, and ring jackets, he presents himself as a star, one of the most essential elements in wrestling.

Crossover Appeal

Outside of wrestling, Bey has an emerging music career with such tracks as “Brain Freeze” and “Lonely,” which has been streamed 24,000 times since its release last month, showcasing that Bey is more than just a wrestler.

When an athlete or entertainer branches out into music, a lot of times justifiably, it’s met with skepticism or pity streams from their fans, but in Bey’s case, the music is legitimately good and well-produced. When you’re listening to his music, you’re not just thinking it’s a wrestler who also raps, but can appreciate the music on its own merit.

If there were a men’s wrestler right now who could crossover and get the love of Black Twitter, which helps drive the trends of what’s popular as seen with Naomi, then it would be Bey.

When it comes to the ring, Bey can back it up as well, moving with a speed and precision that immediately catches the eye.

The Art of Finesse

“The Ultimate Finesser” isn’t just a nickname, but it can accurately describe his movement in the ring. It’s smooth and fluid at a level above what one would expect for his experience.

Bey defines what it means to “finesse” is in a promo with fellow Future Stars of Wrestling alum Action Braxton. A promo that’s delivered with poise and confidence that you can’t teach at 24 years old.

"Chris Bey has never been stale. I’ve always reinvented myself. I’ve always come up with new moves. I’ve always come up with a way to finesse.”"

The innovation Bey speaks of isn’t just talk, but evident in the ring as well. Last month on Twitter, Bey showed off himself practicing a springboard crucifixbomb, something that only seemed possible as a Creat-A-Finisher in Smackdown vs. Raw games. Sure enough, though, Bey pulled out the move during his X-Divison title match against Willie Mack at Slammiversary.

Future of Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling is the perfect place for Bey to continue to build his legacy with him already drawing comparisons to a young AJ Styles, but he’s focused on being the first Chris Bey.

Bey has the opportunity to be the face of Impact Wrestling in a way that he perhaps wouldn’t get the chance to in NXT with their inflated roster and in AEW with the increasing amount of talented performers struggling to get TV time every week.

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It may be a smaller platform, but in Impact Wrestling Bey will get the room and the chance to grow and fully realize his tremendous potential.

Bey’s future is bright, and right now, he’s got the juice and the right company behind him to quickly make an ascent to the top of professional wrestling in the near future.