10 amazing WWE segments you probably forgot about

WWE (Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)
WWE (Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images) /
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William Joins An Elite Club

There are a lot of clubs in the WWE, a lot of clubs, factions, and groups have made it through the company’s storyline, but there is one club that no one wants to be a part unless you are William Regal. William was once involved in a situation where he was willing to do anything to keep his job.

The only way out of the situation was the fact that he had to join a ‘very elite’ club where not everyone gets access, and it is exclusive to Mr McMahon. While a lot of talented superstars gave Vince a taste of his tactics, William had no choice but to fall for the offer made by the boss and what followed it was a segment involving Stone Cold Steve Austin and the current NXT General Manager.

Who’s Your Daddy Montreal

The showstopper has arrived, and he is just getting ready for some more appearances down the line. The segment that we all know about is the Montreal Screwjob, but what a lot of us forget is the fact that WWE didn’t leave a moment to create more storylines with it.

We all know the memories that The Hitman had after the incident mentioned above, but what we don’t recall is how the company tried to sell it and their tickets in the process. It led to a match between McMahon and Hart and even helped them create a documentary in the process. If you are a wrestling fan, you would remember this segment loud and clear like you remember Montreal Screwjob.