WWE Rumors: Shane McMahon could lead Raw’s creative team

WWE, Shane McMahon (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)
WWE, Shane McMahon (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images) /

Shane McMahon made his return to WWE to introduce Raw Underground, but a bigger role could be on the horizon.

The last time Shane McMahon was on WWE television, wrestling fans couldn’t wait for him to go, since he was leading some sort of a heel power-trip on SmackDown in an ill-fated feud with Roman Reigns. Shane was usually the only beloved authority figure, especially among the McMahon Family, so the way his heel run proceeded did not sit well with fans.

But now, Shane is back on WWE Raw in a much different role. He’s not wrestling, yet, but he is leading up a new venture to help the ratings called Raw Underground. It’s an idea he came up with, and it’s been met with praise thus far.

The success of this idea could lead to a bigger role for Shane McMahon in WWE when it comes to his creative influence. Sportskeeda’s Alex McCarthy reports that his father Vince is considering making Shane the head of Raw creative. Per McCarthy, Shane has been sitting in the Gorilla Position with Vince during shows, offering ideas.

So far, Shane’s ideas have looked quite good, and there are many fans who believe he’d be the best person to take over for Vince in the future, rather than Triple H. Leading Raw creative would be an opportunity for Shane to get more of his ideas out there, which are often innovative. Raw also still needs help in the star-building department.

As for the current head of Raw creative, Bruce Prichard is also working SmackDown. Running creative for one WWE show is demanding enough, so Prichard leading both shows doesn’t seem to be the best idea. It’d be hard for him to give 100 percent to both shows, and it’s also more fun for fans to see two different people leading two different directions on the separate brands.

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Shane McMahon leading up Raw’s creative team could be a great move for WWE, so this is something to keep an eye on, especially as the company implements new Raw Underground ideas.