AEW All Out 2020 Predictions: Moxley or MJF for World Champion?

MJF gives orders to bodyguard Wardlow (photo courtesy of AEW)
MJF gives orders to bodyguard Wardlow (photo courtesy of AEW) /
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Prediction: Best Friends and Inner Circle have a six-man match, and Ricky Starks faces Darby Allin in a grudge match

Orange Cassidy finally has a victory over Chris Jericho (I refuse to use his dumb new nickname), albeit a less than definitive win.

Santana and Ortiz have taken their part of this rivalry to the next level, destroying Trent?’s mom’s minivan in their quest to psychologically gain the advantage as well as humiliating their potential opponents. This is the same minivan that was used for their entrance almost two months ago. I will hand it to Trent?: his face of fury is something else.

This all seems apt for a six-man tag pitting Jericho, Santana, and Ortiz against Trent?, Chuck Taylor, and the “Freshly Squeezed” one himself, Cassidy. If Inner Circle goes over, then Santana or Ortiz should have the winning pinfall. If Best Friends win, then Cassidy should definitively pin Jericho rather than win with some kind of a roll-up or mousetrap pin.

Next, we have Allin vs. Starks (w/ Brian Cage and Taz). Remember, these two have a sordid history even in the brief time Starks has been signed to AEW. Allin was rendered unconscious after being attacked from behind by Starks, the attack causing Allin’s head and neck to hit the ropes and whiplash violently. Allin used his skateboard lined with thumbtacks to spike Starks in the back.

Both men have reasons to face the other.

There’s a way to book this where Allin loses the match but not his positioning in AEW. Starks, being flanked by Cage and Taz, could win after some dastardly tactics behind the referee’s back. If Allin wins, it would seem detrimental to Starks’ AEW career at this point considering he is one of the more ballyhooed signings of 2020.

This should also be a showcase match for both, but especially Starks. While he was great in NWA, I’m guessing a fraction of AEW viewers witnessed Starks in NWA. Don’t be surprised if Starks is challenging for the TNT Championship come Full Gear or whatever the November PPV will be named.