AEW All Out 2020 Predictions: Moxley or MJF for World Champion?

MJF gives orders to bodyguard Wardlow (photo courtesy of AEW)
MJF gives orders to bodyguard Wardlow (photo courtesy of AEW) /
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Prediction: FTR wins the AEW Tag Team Championship at All Out

The question is how do we get here?

FTR faces Private Party on Dynamite, with the winner presumably in line for a Tag Team Championship match considering the recent defenses Page and Omega have had against Dark Order and Jurassic Express, and how Best Friends are intertwined with Inner Circle.

Where does that leave The Young Bucks? Well, considering Page and Omega are their fellow The Elite members and they’re teaming with Omega to face three members of Dark Order on Dynamite, I’d say they’re not in the title picture.

FTR should win against Private Party (who do hold a victory over Young Bucks), and with their #1 ranking in the division this week, should elevate them to be the next challengers to Page and Omega.

If FTR does NOT challenge for the Tag Team Championship at All Out, then you have to wonder if AEW is losing an opportunity at capitalizing with one of the best tag teams in the world. We all know there’s the impending classic with The Young Bucks, but it would be nice if there was more at stake than the subjective title of “Best Tag Team in the World.”

FTR defeats Private Party and emerges victorious over Page and Omega at All Out, bringing us only the third Tag Team Champion in AEW’s history. I’d bet good money that this match will be as good or better than the Page/Omega vs. The Young Bucks match at Revolution. AEW can then move forward with their first heel Tag Team Champion, opening up lots of possibilities for angles and rivalries.

don’t think this is where you have Omega or Page turn, at least not quite yet. I would save it for the Dynamite after, possibly after losing a rematch to FTR or a #1 contender match. Omega (and The Young Bucks and Cody by proxy) should turn on Page, with Omega giving Page a beating that would make Dominik Mysterio proud. Page has that groundswell of babyface support, and Omega, The Young Bucks, and Cody have all leaned heel at times; it makes sense to have the turn happen this way.