AEW All Out 2020 Predictions: Moxley or MJF for World Champion?

MJF gives orders to bodyguard Wardlow (photo courtesy of AEW)
MJF gives orders to bodyguard Wardlow (photo courtesy of AEW) /
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Prediction: Hikaru Shida loses the AEW Women’s Championship at All Out

This one pains me as a longtime fan of Shida, particularly with how well she’s performed as Women’s Champion. I mean, how can you dislike someone who’s worked so much on being able to convey her thoughts and emotions in a second language, let alone to hundreds of thousands of fans? It’s not only commendable, but a true testament to the dedication and talent of the AEW Women’s Champion.

I haven’t even mentioned the quality of her in-ring work and ability to raise the level of those she wrestles. Her many years of acting coupled with her physical skills have really given AEW an anchor in the women’s division during these pandemic months

However, if the rumors of a certain debut are true, then I think Shida loses her Women’s Championship at All Out.

Again, I don’t want to ruin any debuts by revealing any spoilers, but let’s just say the rumored opponent is one of the best women’s wrestlers not currently signed to WWE, AEW, or Impact Wrestling. This potential wrestler would undoubtedly be a tremendous boon for a women’s division that was hit hard by travel restrictions caused by the pandemic and a rash of injuries.

Because of this potential wrestler’s status and skills, the only thing to do without wasting the opportunity is to make her Women’s Champion right away. Yes, this does present a problematic issue in that none of the women currently signed to AEW are in a position to challenge Shida (a similar problem facing Bayley on SmackDown), but a title change could freshen up the division by opening up more match possibilities.

Regardless, this should be a Women’s Championship match to remember in what’s shaping up to be one fine card on paper (at least if my predictions hold true!).