AEW All Out 2020 Predictions: Moxley or MJF for World Champion?

MJF gives orders to bodyguard Wardlow (photo courtesy of AEW)
MJF gives orders to bodyguard Wardlow (photo courtesy of AEW) /
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Prediction: Moxley retains; Wardlow lays out MJF post-match

A lot of things can be said about MJF. One thing we can’t deny is the man is a dynamic promo.

Still, he can be too self-indulgent at times (see above), and he really straddles the line of bringing his on-screen character outside of kayfabe. He should stop calling women “rats” and “ring rats,” for example.

Still, MJF (with Wardlow in tow) is scheduled to face Moxley at All Out for the AEW World Championship. AEW could pull a fast one on us here and put the title on MJF, but it seems far too early to hand the reins over to a wrestler who probably can’t have those quality consistent 15-20 minute main event matches.

MJF does have the necessary promo abilities, which helps, and we’ve seen many examples of less-than-stellar wrestlers holding a promotion’s top Championship. However, Moxley’s reign has been good, his character is hot, and he seems to bring it to a new level with each passing challenger. Moxley should be the one to carry AEW through the end of 2020.

I’m guessing this is going to be another standard Moxley match in that it will be brutal and gritty. Sure, there aren’t any weapons involved, but I can just see these two laying into each other with the snuggest of strikes while cranking just that little bit extra on grappling holds.

One thing to keep an eye on is Moxley only pulls out the lifting, angular Paradigm Shift DDT for an opponent who either Moxley despises or as a last gasp to gain the pinfall. He already hit MJF with the lifting, angular Paradigm Shift during this build (indicating his disdain for his opponent). I could see Moxley hitting MJF with one and instead of making the pin, hitting MJF with a second one for good measure. It would be a quintessential “man putting the punk youngin in his place” move.

Moxley retains, and I think he begins a feud with Archer next. Just imagine the promos between Moxley and Jake “The Snake” Roberts!

Post-match, regardless of how it happens, MJF will probably blame Wardlow and become a little too familiar with the purveyor of the F10. After shoving Wardlow one too many times, MJF’s face dons that look of, “Uh oh.” Wardlow attacks, laying out MJF and landing not one, not two, but THREE F10 finishers. Wardlow leaves a  new man, and MJF is left pondering his next move.

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There you have my predictions. Again, a lot will be clear after Dynamite tomorrow. What are your thoughts?