Chris Jericho has heartless response to COVID-19 cases from concert

AEW, Chris Jericho (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
AEW, Chris Jericho (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /

AEW wrestler Chris Jericho’s rock band FOZZY recently participated in a concert where physical distancing and masks were not enforced.

Wrestling fans have seen the true side of Chris Jericho during a year of crisis. First, Jericho, during the ongoing protests in the United States against the police murdering George Floyd, proclaimed that “All Lives Matter” as a way of minimizing the importance of the “Black Lives Matter” and the realities of police brutality and the racist criminal justice system in the country.

And then Jericho’s band FOZZY played a gig at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota during which there were no masks or social distancing. The AEW wrestler had the audacity to defend this lack of basic safety precautions, which could prove to be deadly.

Because there are now seven confirmed cases of COVID-19 that can be tied to the concert. Note that those seven cases are only what is confirmed by the local Public Health Department, as the virus spreads through clusters and testing is still ongoing. So it’s very likely that far more than seven people have contracted COVID-19 due to the concert or due to interacting with someone who went to the concert.

Chris Jericho couldn’t even show the most basic empathy

What was Jericho’s response to this awful news? Did he show remorse? Did he finally realize the severity of his band’s actions even though it would have been too little, too late?

Nope. He double down and mocked the seven positive cases out of, in his words, 450,000 people.

What an absolutely awful thing to say. Talk about heartless and cruel. It doesn’t matter how many people have contracted the virus, though the number is likely far more than seven. Those are seven lives that could be irreversibly altered by this horrible, horrible disease.

This concert, which Chris Jericho and FOZZY partook in, could lead to the deaths of individuals, not to mention permanent kidney, lung, and heart damage, which are all possible consequences of COVID-19.

Of course, AEW has been silent about Chris Jericho’s actions and words. He is a powerful member of their company and was signed to be their mainstream star, so they are never going to hold him to account. They can’t even address allegations of abuse against their performers during #SpeakingOut, so fans aren’t holding their breath waiting for AEW to make a statement about Jericho’s awful, dangerous behavior this summer.

But wrestling fans see Jericho and will remember what he’s done. Worse yet, so will the families who have had to suffer as a result of the spread of COVID-19 from this concert that should have never taken place.

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AEW, by the way, will be bringing back live fans on Aug. 27. Hopefully their executives are a lot more concerned with people’s lives and welfare than Jericho and the individuals in charge of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.