WWE: Renee Young’s departure leaves a void of talent in broadcast

WWE, Renee Young (Photo by Heather Kennedy/Getty Images for SXSW)
WWE, Renee Young (Photo by Heather Kennedy/Getty Images for SXSW) /

Renee Young’s is a talented broadcast professional whose range is well beyond that of the WWE and professional wrestling as a whole.

Renee Young is a celebrated backstage interviewer and a former Monday Night Raw commentator. The news of her leaving the company after an eight-year tenure with the wrestling juggernaut left everyone in shock as she was the perfect analyst, interviewer, and a cheerful as well as experienced part of the broadcast team.

She did the unthinkable when she became the first woman to become a full-time commentator for WWE’s flagship show. It was at this time that her real-life husband Jon Moxley, f.k.a, Dean Ambrose decided to part ways with the company and a year and four months later the news of her departure from WWE has got everyone talking.

The rumor mill is buzzing on the reasons why she may have decided to make this move. It is a topic of conversation on where she heads from here, and while some have speculated that she may join her husband in All Elite Wrestling, some others are of the idea that she may be taking some time off to complete her book or embark on a new career path as a chef or with another broadcast organization. No matter where she lands next, we can rest assured that she would excel at anything.

WWE Universe is of the idea that Young was not used well on TV, and this is a reason behind this move. She was a part of the Talking Smack which aired daily after SmackDown, but it ended abruptly. The next thing the fans came to know about was her work on WWE Backstage that would air on FOX Sports as part of the new deal between WWE and FOX. The show gave us the long-awaited and anticipated return of The Best In The World, CM Punk along with analysis by the panel on the show.

The shows were going well, but first the abrupt end of Talking Smack and then the cancellation of WWE Backstage removed Young from where her talent stood out. She was also one of the first WWE talent known publicly to contract COVID-19, which ushered her off of the air. While one may remember these two shows as those affected by a decision and a pandemic, one cannot deny the fact that Renee Young also gave us segments with The Miz.

Talking Smack promo by The Miz is still loved and remembered, as is the slap from her to The most Must-See superstar in the WWE. These two segments involving The Miz made way for some entertainment for the WWE Universe. With her leaving the WWE the next in line will have huge shoes to fill in because Renee Young is the most cheerful, loved and admired commentators and interviewers in the WWE.

Young leaving WWE will create a void in the backstage interview division because she had the charm and wit that would resonate with the WWE Universe and everyone loved the energy. Her decision to move away from the WWE is not ‘Best For Business,’ and the company will have a hard time finding someone to step into this role once she leaves after SummerSlam. Her command on the language, presentation style and let alone the ability to hold panel discussions was phenomenal, and just some of the many talents she presented.

Young’s next steps are unknown at this time, but she’s the latest individual to leave the largest professional wrestling industry in the world. When looking at her abilities and what she brought to the table, she may be one of the hardest to replace.