WWE SmackDown Results, Grades: Sonya Deville Made A Shocking Announcement

WWE, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose (photo courtesy of WWE) /

WWE SmackDown took place on August 21, 2020, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on FOX.

Are you ready? Are you ready for a good time? The blue brand was stacked tonight with PPV-worthy matches and suspenseful segments. The go-home show to WWE SummerSlam 2020 seemed promising. The review for this episode was as follows:

On tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown, there were three scheduled matches: (1) AJ Styles (c) vs. Jeff Hardy for the Intercontinental Championship, (2) Big E vs. Sheamus, and (3) Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Lucha House Party for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

There were also two scheduled segments: (1) Mr. McMahon kicked off SmackDown with WWE ThunderDome, and (2) Universal Champion Braun Strowman delivered one final message to The Fiend before their upcoming clash at WWE SummerSlam 2020.

With WWE SummerSlam 2020 only two days away, there were quite a few rivalries to build towards. With that being said, it’s now time to bleed blue and recap what happened on this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown, starting with Mr. McMahon’s introduction of WWE ThunderDome.

Mr. McMahon Promo: WWE ThunderDome

Result: RETRIBUTION sparked a chaotic start to WWE ThunderDome.

Grade: B+, There’s no doubt that I would have paid big money to watch The Fiend attack Vince McMahon. Also, how many members does RETRIBUTION actually have? It truly feels that there’s more people in RETRIBUTION every week.

Vince McMahon opened up the show with a classic introduction to WWE ThunderDome. He was interrupted by The Fiend, who teased an attack on the Chairman. However, Braun Strowman made his entrance to stop The Fiend from doing so, which was such a heel move. Strowman could have waited a few more minutes before making his entrance to allow ample time for that out-of-touch old man to get Mandible Clawed.

However, Strowman was not able to ‘get these hands’ on The Fiend because RETRIBUTION made an appearance after the lights flickered off and on. The Fiend disappeared, leaving Strowman high and dry against RETRIBUTION. The SmackDown locker room ran in for the save to help their locker room leader, Braun Strowman, fend off these savage RETRIBUTION members. However, Strowman showed absolutely no gratitude for this help.

Strowman attacked Drew Gulak and Jey Uso before leaving the ring. This was another heel move by Strowman, especially since he attacked two babyface superstars. However, it seemed that he was more frustrated that he was not able to get his hands on The Fiend tonight. Clearly, Strowman has no interest in pleasing the fans and only cares about fulfilling his self-interest of slaying The Fiend once and for all.

Big E vs. Sheamus [LumberJack Match]

Result: Big E (via pinfall)

Grade: B-, Big E had to win this match since he must keep his momentum going in this singles push. It was understandable that Sheamus had to be protected in defeat as well since he has been a dominant heel on Friday Nights. Good booking here.

Sheamus gained early control in this match with beats to Big E’s chest and an Irish Curse Backbreaker. Before Sheamus could capitalize, the lights flickered on and off to symbolize that RETRIBUTION was near. Nonetheless, the match continued, and Big E rallied back with Belly to Belly Suplexes and Big Splashes. As soon as Big E was on the verge of capitalizing with the Big Ending, Sheamus countered with a debilitating knee strike to E for the nearfall.

Sheamus continued his offense and attempted a White Noise but Big E countered with the Uranage for the nearfall. Sheamus regained his offense with the White Noise. He signaled for the Brogue Kick but was distracted by Matt Riddle and King Corbin’s mini-brawl outside the ring. Big E capitalized on this opportunity to rolled up Sheamus for the pinfall and the victory. This singles push for Big E is still going strong.

Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Lucha House Party [SmackDown Tag Team Championships]

Result: Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura (via pinfall)

Grade: B-, This championship match was fast-paced and fun to watch. It was expected that Cesaro and Nakamura would retain, but it was unexpected that Lucha House Party would show signs of breaking up.

Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura neutralized Lucha House Party’s aerial maneuvers for only a short period of time until Lince Dorado had a hot babyface rally with three moonsaults to Nakamura. Meanwhile, Gran Metalik delivered a Hurricanrana to Cesaro outside the ring. Dorado continued his offense against Nakamura with a Stunner, but Cesaro made the tag to roll up Dorado for the victory. Lucha House Party argued after the match, showing signs of breaking up.

Bayley and Sasha Banks Interview w/Corey Graves: Stirring The Pot

Result: Naomi challenged Bayley and Sasha Banks to a Beat The Clock Challenge.

Grade: B+, This segment did a good job at stirring the pot between Bayley and Banks. Don’t be too surprised if Banks ends up battling Asuka first at SummerSlam and loses the Raw Women’s Championship before Bayley picks up the scraps to retain the SmackDown Women’s Title. 

Corey Graves interviewed Bayley and Sasha Banks about their upcoming match with Asuka at WWE SummerSlam 2020. He tried to stir the pot between them by asking if they will ever break up and teasing disagreements between them. Eventually, Bayley revealed that her offer to battle Asuka first at SummerSlam was just a suggestion, which Banks did not take lightly. Naomi then interrupted to challenge Bayley and Banks to a Beat The Clock Challenge.

Naomi vs. Sasha Banks [Beat The Clock Challenge]

Result: Sasha Banks (via submission)

Grade: B-, Naomi can’t lose both matches, right? Right?! Although defeating Naomi in only 3:39 was questionable booking, Banks is in a good position to gain the advantage for her title match against Asuka at SummerSlam.

This Beat The Clock Challenge will determine who battles Asuka second at SummerSlam. The former members of Team B.A.D. went at it first. Naomi gained early offense with her patented maneuvers but Banks prevailed with the Banks Statement and the victory. Banks set the time to beat at 3:39. Will Naomi lose the next match too? #NaomiDeservesBetter would go to waste, if that happened.

Naomi vs. Bayley [Beat The Clock Challenge]

Result: Naomi (via pinfall)

Grade: B-, Good booking for Naomi to win here. Now, she has a future title opportunity against Bayley, which could be a sign that Bayley is retaining against Asuka at SummerSlam. However, it was still surprising that Bayley lost the Beat The Clock Challenge.

Bayley quickly attempted to capitalize on Naomi’s fatigue, but Naomi’s resilience prevailed as she delivered the Rear View to win the match and prevent Bayley from beating the clock. Henceforth, Bayley will defend her championship against Asuka first and Banks will defend her championships Asuka second at WWE SummerSlam 2020. Asuka showed up after the match to attack Bayley and Banks en route to their title matches at SummerSlam.

Sonya Deville Promo: Loser Leaves WWE?

Result: Sonya Deville changed her match with Mandy Rose to a ‘Loser Leaves WWE’ No Disqualification Match.

Grade: A+, Loser Leaves WWE? What? The stakes have been risen, but what? Rose and Deville are both at the peak of their nascent careers. It’s saddening that either will be leaving. Hopefully, there’s a loophole of sorts in the near future.

Earlier in the night, Mandy Rose announced in a backstage interview that she wanted to bury the hatchet once they battle in their hair vs. hair match at WWE SummerSlam 2020. Sonya Deville responded in a promo that she knew Rose would make excuses and she decided to raise the stakes of the match by changing it to a ‘Loser Leaves WWE’ No Disqualification Match. That was a shocking announcement.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Jeff Hardy [Intercontinental Championship]

Result: Jeff Hardy (via pinfall)

Grade: A+, HARDY PARTY!!! Jeff Hardy did the unthinkable here tonight. It should be fun to see what he does as Intercontinental Champion on the blue brand. Sami Zayn, where are you?

Earlier in the night during the LumberJack match, AJ Styles delivered a cheap shot to Hardy’s calf, which should be an easy tease for Styles’ calf-crusher being a deciding factor in their title match. This allowed Styles to attain a significant advantage in this title match because Hardy now has to work an injury.

Styles attempted a Phenomenal Forearm, Styles Clash, and Calf Crusher, but Hardy countered all of those maneuvers to knee Styles in the face with his knee brace, deliver a Twist of Fury and Swanton Bomb to pin Styles and become the new Intercontinental Champion. Styles will probably want ‘payback’ for that.

FireFly FunHouse: Get These Hooves

Result: Braun Strowman Got His Hands on Bray Wyatt, but NOT The Fiend.

Grade: A-, Fun segment to close the show. Strowman might be able to hospitalize Wyatt but he cannot hospitalize The Fiend. That should be a sign of weakness for Strowman in his upcoming title match with Wyatt at SummerSlam.

Braun Strowman attacked Bray Wyatt during the FireFly Funhouse segment and tossed him off a ledge to the concrete below. The ambulance drove in to take Wyatt away from the arena. However, the individual riding the ambulance refused to drive out of the arena. Instead, the arena reversed and The Fiend popped out of the back of the ambulance. The ambulance let him in, and The Fiend’s ready for SummerSlam.

August 21st SmackDown Results

  • RETRIBUTION sparked a chaotic start to WWE ThunderDome.
  • Big E defeated Sheamus via pinfall.
  • Jeff Hardy got injured after the LumberJack match.
  • Mandy Rose wanted to bury the hatchet with Sonya Deville after SummerSlam.
  • Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura retained the SmackDown Tag Team Championships against Lucha House Party via pinfall.
  • Corey Graves stirred the pot between Bayley and Sasha Banks.
  • Sasha Banks defeated Naomi via pinfall in a Beat The Clock Challenge.
  • Naomi defeated Bayley via pinfall in a Beat The Clock Challenge.
  • Sasha Banks won the Beat The Clock Challenge against Bayley and will battle Asuka second at SummerSlam.
  • Sonya Deville changed her match with Mandy Rose to a ‘Loser Leaves WWE’ No DQ Match.
  • Jeff Hardy defeated AJ Styles via pinfall to become the new Intercontinental Champion.
  • Braun Strowman Got His Hands on Bray Wyatt, but NOT The Fiend.