WWE SummerSlam 2020: 5 superstars that desperately need to win this Sunday

WWE, Mandy Rose Photo Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Mandy Rose Photo Credit: WWE.com /

With WWE SummerSlam 2020 just days away, these five superstars desperately need to pick up the win when they go to battle this Sunday.

WWE SummerSlam 2020 is right around the corner, and WWE’s annual “Biggest Party of the Summer” is packed to the brim with six championships on the line and two very personal grudge matches. Most of the matches could go either way, but who is most in need of a victory?

It’s always a huge opportunity to get a spot on the main card for one of WWE’s “Big Four” pay-per-view events, and that’s no different this year with several superstars staring down the biggest moments of their careers. Whether it’s about a championship or about revenge, five superstars stood out from the pack as those most desperately in need of a victory this Sunday.

Sasha Banks

If anyone needs a win this Sunday, it’s definitely “The Boss” Sasha Banks. This isn’t just about her rivalry with Asuka, but what Sunday’s outcome will continue to mean for the championship legacy of Sasha Banks. Sasha Banks is a record 5-time Raw Women’s Champion, but if she loses on Sunday she’ll also have the five shortest reigns in that title’s history.

It would be almost criminal considering her ability and the impact Sasha Banks has had throughout her career. This will be the third big clash between Banks and Asuka with the Raw Women’s Title on the line, but it’s arguably Banks’ most important of the trio. Banks is walking into SummerSlam with gold, and she absolutely has to walk out still the Raw Women’s Champion.

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

Speaking of needing gold, “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt instead needs to reclaim some gold that slipped away from him earlier this year. Against all logic, Goldberg defeated The Fiend for the Universal Championship during February’s Saudi Arabia Blood Money event.

While that moment and the unorthodox way WrestleMania 36 came together gave us the Firefly Fun House Match, otherwise it’s been a tough few months for Wyatt. His rivalry with Braun Strowman has been a slow burn in some ways, finally culminating now with the return of “The Fiend.” In order to re-establish his dominance, and revitalize SmackDown, Wyatt must leave as Universal Champion.

Mandy Rose

WWE SummerSlam 2020 is currently only going to see two non-title grudge matches, but this may be the most personal of the two. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville’s history goes all the way back to Season 6 of WWE Tough Enough from 2015. Rose and Deville were both competitors, and ultimately became a tag team two years later when they arrived on the main roster as Absolution with Paige at their side.

Eventually, they were dubbed Fire & Desire and fought many times to become WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, but never quite captured the gold. Everything blew up between them earlier this year, as Sonya Deville turned on her friend and things have only gotten more bitter and heated since then. This all culminates at SummerSlam in a Hair vs. Hair Match, and Rose desperately needs to finally get revenge on Deville for everything she’s done up to this point.

Dominik Mysterio

Normally, just getting to make your in-ring WWE debut as a part of the main card of WWE SummerSlam 2020 would be more than enough, regardless of outcome. However, Dominik needs to bring things full circle and avenge the horrendous actions of “The Monday Night Messiah” Seth Rollins. Rollins’ heated rivalry against Rey Mysterio hit a boiling point during The Horror Show at Extreme Rules because of Seth’s actions during the Eye for an Eye Match.

As Dominik has sought vengeance for that, he found himself lit up with welts and bruises from over two dozen vicious kendo stick strikes. With his father at ringside for this anything goes Street Fight, Dominik needs to come out on top and take a huge first win for his WWE career exactly 15 years after watching Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio fight for custody of him at WWE SummerSlam 2005.


Finally, there’s a unique case in someone who needs a win at WWE SummerSlam 2020 because Asuka isn’t just competing in one match this Sunday. On top of that, she only needs a victory in one of those matches. As I covered earlier, Banks needs a win this Sunday as well, which works out because the person Asuka needs to defeat is SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley.

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The issues between Asuka and Bayley go back years, and Asuka has constantly had Bayley’s number to the point that Asuka is 5-0 in singles action against her. Now, Asuka looks more dedicated and dangerous than ever as she heads into SummerSlam with vengeance in her sights for what Bayley did to her best friend Kairi Sane. Asuka might have been at the top on Raw just a few weeks ago, but she needs to end SummerSlam at the top of SmackDown.