Brian Myers Comes Alive In Impact Wrestling

Brian Myers (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
Brian Myers (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /

Impact Wrestling is getting the most out of Brian Myers.

Brian Myers recently debuted on night one of Impact Wrestling‘s Emergence event, interrupting Willie Mack during a backstage interview before taking the camera crew and interviewer for himself telling him to “ask him a question.”

When the interviewer, very unprofessionally I might add, had no questions for the debuting star. Myers, understandably aggravated looks down the camera and delivers the promo of his life. He was subsequently attacked by Mack and it seems that Mack will be his first program in the company. (Two veteran wrestlers just beating the ever-loving hell out of each other? Sign me up.)

The promo was, rightfully, well received by the IWC and brought up a fantastic question. Where was this guy in the WWE? Was he always there and Vince’s blindspot just that big?

Or is it a case of just how free a person can feel once they are no longer under the heel of corporate “sports entertainment” when they’re allowed to be aggressive and fiery. To inject a hint of truth in their promos and characters.

I genuinely think it’s a mix of the two. By Myers’ own admission he had a reputation in WWE as a good set of hands. The perfect enhancement guy. Think Brett Hart without the upside. So once Vince saw him as that, just a good piece of enhancement talent, he used him to his perceived potential and had him lose. For literal years.

Brian Myers is ready to flourish with a company that trusts him

There is the exception of the Major Brothers Tag Team title win at WrestleMania and is still one of my favorite moments of the current era but one Wrestlemania moment a career of misuse does not replace.

Now it could be, as I posited above, a simple case of letting yourself grow into your new role. Being able to stretch and challenge himself with a company that trusts him. What a wild concept, right? If you don’t keep performers firmly under your boot they can, at times, rise above their own station and build a name for themselves.

Look at Rohit Raju, the new X-Division champion. If you had asked anyone who has been paying attention to Impact for any period of time who of the Desi Hit Squad would end up with a singles run and a major title before Emergence and they said Rohit? They would have been laughed at. But COVID is the great equalizer and now we get to see if he can step up with the title.

No one expected that title change, especially so soon after Chris Bey earned the title himself, and no one expected that Brian Myers would come out of the WWE with most if not all of the discourse online centering around how incredible he is without taking a single bump yet.

I am personally so excited to see where Myers’ career grows from here. Impact’s current era seems to be tailor-made for him.

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A hungry performer who is eager to prove that not only did we underestimate him. But that he’s damn pissed we did.