The Miz and John Morrison need to be doing something less embarrassing

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WWE have been wasting two talented wrestlers in The Miz and John Morrison by turning them into embarrassing comedy characters.

The Miz and John Morrison are funny. We’ve seen them use humor in WWE and in other media, whether it’s a TV show (Miz) or another wrestling promotion (Morrison). But the way WWE is using them right now, the tag team of Miz and Morrison has been far more embarrassing than funny.

It seems like every week they are used to comment on somebody else’s storyline and do so in the most juvenile way possible. On the most recent episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Miz and Morrison cut a bizarre backstage promo about the SmackDown Tag Title match between the Lucha House Party and Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. At one point, they joked that Nakamura, whom WWE calls “The Artist” for some reason I still cannot comprehend, is “The Fartist”.

That was the latest in a long line of toilet humor from The Miz and John Morrison. Remember that whole “Diaper” promo fiasco? Or how about the interview with Mandy Rose’s hair? Oh yeah, that was a great television! (Eye roll emoji…or therockeyeroll.gif, whichever you prefer…)

I just can’t fathom that THIS is what WWE has for The Miz and Morrison. They should be taking a backseat around SummerSlam time and don’t always need a program, but if WWE is going to have them cut childish jokes about legitimate programs without actually further anything, then they are better off not airing these embarrassing segments at all.

These segments don’t help The Miz, John Morrison, or anyone else

Like, who is it helping? It’s clearly not helping the other wrestlers and their storylines, and it’s not exactly highlight-reel material for Miz and Morrison. I mean, it’s well beneath them, especially since we have seen in years past what these two can do together.

In the ring, Miz and Morrison, when asked to wrestle, are doing a great job. Miz’s match with Big E, for example, was excellent and the perfect reintroduction to E’s singles career. They are both capable of being singles champions at the highest level, and when put together, you’d think that they’d be greater than the sum of their parts. But apparently, WWE would rather have them crack “fart” jokes and talk to diaper puppets.

Yeah, no prizes for guessing which esteemed executive at WWE thinks this is good s**t (literally), pal.

Xavier Woods will be doing Talking Smack with Kayla Braxton going forward, but the first episode of the show featured The Miz in the host role. And, as you’d expect, he was tremendous, putting over Sasha Banks and Bayley and helping get an AMAZING promo from Big E.

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That’s what Miz excels at, helping others and genuinely progressing the show. So why hold him back with these awful segments? He and Morrison can play a key role on SmackDown, and WWE need to stop hurting them and everyone else with these atrocious, purposeless jokes.