Roman Reigns returned at SummerSlam, but is he a heel?

WWE, Roman Reigns (Photo by Ron ElkmanSports Imagery/Getty Images)
WWE, Roman Reigns (Photo by Ron ElkmanSports Imagery/Getty Images) /

Roman Reigns shocked WWE fans by returning at SummerSlam, but his character is also causing a lot of discussion.

WWE promised us repeatedly that we’d “never see it coming” at SummerSlam 2020. While that might have been the way to describe how Drew McIntyre defeated Randy Orton with a backslide pin to retain the WWE Title, it was definitely a more appropriate way of describing the man who attacked Braun Strowman and the Fiend after the main event Universal Title match. Yes, Roman Reigns is back.

There were hints that Reigns would make his return, with WrestlingNews.Co dropping the biggest one before the Pay Per View, noting the new merchandise for the Big Dog.

Reigns showed up and looked incredible. He was in even better shape physically, which is honestly incomprehensible. He had a different look in his eyes, too, wearing a shirt that said “Wreck Everyone and Leave” in plain white print over the standard black T-Shirt.

And a lot of fans have been asking this question in the aftermath of Roman Reigns’ incredible return to WWE. Is Reigns now a heel?

Some WWE fans have wanted Roman Reigns to turn heel

A lot of fans have wanted Reigns to turn heel over the years, but that’s never been a discussion. Reigns is the top male star in WWE, the most recent WWE 2K cover star, and beloved by so many fans of different backgrounds. He’s someone people, especially children, look up to – and for good reason. He is an inspiring person and a locker room leader.

So it’s hard for me to see Roman Reigns as a heel. I am not willing to predict it or think of him as a heel. However, it’s hard not to notice that there was something a little different about Reigns, and that’s a good thing. More fans have been accepting of Reigns as a babyface but have been wanting to see a little different character to him just as a way of changing things up a tad, which isn’t uncommon. The best in the business are often given a chance to reinvent themselves, and Reigns is absolutely one of the best.

Reigns’ return should be a huge boon to SmackDown, whose Men’s Division has taken a huge hit this summer without him. And it will be exciting to see the Big Dog in his first SmackDown, especially if the beatdowns of Strowman and Bray Wyatt at SummerSlam are an indicator of a new character to come.

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The Big Dog is a top star and one of the biggest babyfaces in wrestling. Out of all the full-time wrestlers, he is undoubtedly the biggest male star in pro wrestling, too. So a heel turn? I don’t see it. But there are still plenty of questions left to answer heading into SmackDown this week as Reigns looks to regain that Universal Title he never lost.