Sasha Banks hit Asuka with one of the best powerbombs you’ll see (Video)

WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by Kathryn Page/Getty Images for BET)
WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by Kathryn Page/Getty Images for BET) /

Sasha Banks and Asuka put on another classic at WWE SummerSlam 2020, and this powerbomb was one of the highlights.

Once again, Sasha Banks and Asuka put on an absolute classic on Pay Per View. But unlike at WWE Extreme Rules, their SummerSlam match wasn’t marred by any sort of strange finish. No, this one was straight-up: The Empress of Tomorrow tapped out Sasha with the Asuka Lock.

The big storyline was that Bayley didn’t help Sasha after Sasha helped her retain the title against The Empress earlier in the night.

But the biggest highlight? It was absolutely this jaw-dropping powerbomb from Sasha Banks to Asuka on the outside.

These two living legends of the wrestling business have such great chemistry and aren’t afraid to hit each other with the most hard-hitting moves possible. And this powerbomb onto the outside made ALL of our heads hurt!

A “thud” indeed.

But you know what’s more impressive than the power of this move and the frightening collision of Asuka’s head with the canvas? It’s the way Sasha so seamlessly flipped in there and powerbombed Asuka, generating all that force in one smooth motion with no mistakes.

There are fewer wrestling moves more awe-inspiring than a well-hit powerbomb, especially ones that involve strength and athleticism beforehand. Sasha’s powerbomb on Asuka was absolutely brilliant, certainly fitting as a big move in a high-octane Raw Women’s Champion match. Powerbombs are wrestling’s equivalent to volleys in soccer.

Sasha Banks fell short in the end, losing the title, as expected, after she officially won it when Bayley attacked Asuka’s best friend Kairi Sane – and wrote her off television. So this was definitely a satisfying revenge win for The Empress of Tomorrow.

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Bayley and Sasha will have to write the next chapter of their story after The Boss’ SummerSlam loss, but in defeat, Sasha put forward another incredible match with another highlight-reel move. We’ll be watching this powerbomb over and over again, wondering how in the hell these two elite wrestlers pulled it off.