WWE Raw: 3 post-SummerSlam US Title feuds for Apollo Crews

WWE, Apollo Crews (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Apollo Crews (photo courtesy of WWE) /

WWE Raw superstar Apollo Crews picked up another victory over MVP at SummerSlam, but who is next for the US Champion?

On May 25 on an episode of WWE Raw, Apollo Crews defeated Andrade to become the new United States Champion, and he’s become a truly great champion. The US Title has long been in need of a strong babyface to hold the title, and Apollo has been exactly that.

Crews finished up his rivalry with Andrade at Backlash and then entered a new one with MVP, who created the Hurt Business by recruiting Shelton Benjamin to his and Bobby Lashley’s side.

MVP became the self-proclaimed US Champion with a new belt at Extreme Rules when Apollo could not defend the title, but Apollo proved he was the rightful champion later on an episode of WWE Raw.

And at SummerSlam, Apollo unequivocally proved he is the US Champion on Monday nights, defeating MVP once again.

Here are three upcoming opponents for the rising star after his SummerSlam victory.

Bobby Lashley

WWE fans are waiting for Bobby Lashley to win his next championship. Lashley also had a big title match at Backlash, but he came up short against WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Now, Lashley is still the CEO of the Hurt Business and poised to do even more big things on WWE Raw and Underground, and one of those big things could be a United States Title win.

Based on the way Lashley and Shelton Benjamin emerged from backstage to attack Apollo Crews after the match at SummerSlam, the Hurt Business aren’t done with Crews.

If there’s anyone who can end Apollo’s great reign as US Champion, then it is the formidable Lashley. He is one of Raw’s main stars in the Men’s Division.

Shelton Benjamin

But Apollo Crews could also feud with a different member of the Hurt Business in Shelton Benjamin, who is a decorated champion in his own right. Although Benjamin has frustratingly never been given a chance to win a world title, he is a three-time Intercontinental Champion and US Champion in his own right.

Benjamin hasn’t won a title in a long time – not even in a tag title in his acclaimed partnership with Chad Gable. But maybe that will all change soon against Apollo Crews.

If Benjamin feuds with Apollo, I don’t expect him to win the title. It would probably be more of a means to get to Lashley vs. Crews.


It could be time for Apollo Crews to feud with another member of a heel faction in Murphy. There was speculation heading into SummerSlam that Murphy could turn on Seth Rollins, but that would be too soon to end that story. Murphy should be elevated while working with a main event player like Seth Rollins.

That means Murphy should be getting some more shine as a singles competitor, expanding his horizons beyond simply being a minion for Rollins in his feud with the Mysterio Family.

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Apollo Crews would most likely win this feud, and the matches between Crews and Murphy would be out of this world.