WWE: Is Retribution a new version of The Nexus?

WWE, Wade Barrett (Photo by Vidya Subramaniam/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)
WWE, Wade Barrett (Photo by Vidya Subramaniam/Hindustan Times via Getty Images) /

Retribution has done nothing but yell, scream and break stuff for weeks. We’ve seen this before, just without masks. They were called The Nexus.

It began as technical difficulties or so we all thought Aug.10. From there we saw a masked group lighting yelling as they threw Molotov cocktails at an electric transformer, and cheering as it caught fire. From that point, it’s only been a matter of when Retribution would attack. From production rooms, to the WWE Performance Center, to attacking Big E and John Morrison on the Aug. 14 episode of SmackDown, this group has been nothing but irritating.

What’s the point?  The goal is to create extreme heat to the point the fans are dying to know who these people are and who’s going to stop them. Doesn’t that sound familiar? It should. That’s what The Nexus did. The only difference is they didn’t wear masks. 

Just like Retribution now, there were a LOT of Nexus members back then. Led by Wade Barrett, the group consisting of eight rookies of NXT season one caused havoc in their debut June 10, 2010, on Monday Night Raw.  Barrett gave a closer look at the formation of the group in an episode of Inside The Ropes.

Wade Barrett quote shows similarities between RETRIBUTION, Nexus

He explained how John Laurinaitis met him backstage right after he cut his introductory promo.

"“He took me and the other rookies…He said “Follow me, come with me. Vince wants to speak to you. I know immediately this is strange…We get taken to his office.” He added that when they got to his office, Vince, Triple H, two of the head writers, and other management were in the room. “It’s very bizarre…So I think we’re in a ton of trouble at this point…”"

Barrett said Vince told them to go and attack John Cena and “smash everything up”.  They were given armbands with the now-famous “N” on them and told everyone to follow Barrett ringside and smash up everything.

Here’s where the similarities to Retribution come into focus. In the interview, Barrett explains Vince wanted them to rip the ring apart, trash the announcer’s table, punch a security guard, a referee, and take down Jerry “The King Lawler”.  This is pretty much what Retribution is doing now.

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It seems like we get a heavily pushed faction once every 10 years or so. There was The Ministry in 98-99, with The Nexus coming 10 years later, and now Retribution for this decade. However, I do feel the writing and planning for those two factions were better. This could be WWE trying to play off real-world stories, which is nothing new. These folks resemble “rioters” more than they do wrestlers. But hey, when it comes to Vince there’s no telling what he thinks.