WWE Rumors: Dominik Mysterio seen as the next breakout star

WWE, Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio (Photo by Andy Hayt/SanDiego Padres/Getty Images)
WWE, Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio (Photo by Andy Hayt/SanDiego Padres/Getty Images) /

Reportedly people backstage in WWE have long believed Dominik Mysterio can be a big star in this industry.

At first, WWE fans didn’t expect Dominik Mysterio to have a singles match at SummerSlam against Seth Rollins, but then the dream became a reality, as Dominik faced Rollins in a hellacious Street Fight at SummerSlam.

Over the past month, Dominik has been highly impressive in WWE. He traded verbal barbs with Rollins, showed natural ability in front of the camera, and took his “welcome to WWE” kendo stick beatdown perfectly.

And then at SummerSlam, Dominik blew everyone away, putting together an excellent Street Fight with the Monday Night Messiah, the main-event talent Seth Rollins.

Dominik’s performance at the Biggest Party of the Summer likely surprised many wrestling fans, but it didn’t surprise some people in WWE.

Dominik Mysterio shined in his debut at WWE SummerSlam

According to a report from Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue, some people backstage in WWE have believed Dominik Mysterio is the “next big breakout star” in professional wrestling. And Colohue says they’ve held this belief for more than a year.

It’s certainly high praise for Dominik and shows just how highly-regarded Dominik has been. His emergence is no coincidence, and while it is sudden for us as viewers watching at home, it sounds like several people in the industry have been high on Dominik.

Some fans have been critical of Dominik’s fierce push in the summer of 2020, arguing that he’s simply getting handed opportunities because of his father, Rey Mysterio.

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There’s no doubt Rey has helped Dominik get his foot in the door, but his selling and overall talent in the ring during this feud with Seth Rollins have shown that he’s here to stay. Dominik’s talent has been clear to see, and it will be exciting to see what’s next for the young man after his massively successful debut at SummerSlam. Dominik didn’t win the match, but he certainly won over the fans with his performance.