Impact Wrestling Emergence Night Two Results, Highlights, and Grades

IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS
IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS /

The full results and grades from Impact Wrestling’s second night of Emergence.

Impact Wrestling hoped to continue their hot streak of presenting an entertaining weekly product tonight as they showcased the second half of their Emergence card. The second half of the card comes with several heightened expectations following last week’s introduction with the show which saw a shocking title change in the X division as well as many other high profile matches.

The company has been continuously building on the goodwill garnered for them since their Slammiversary event which took the Internet Wrestling community by storm and could prove to be one of the best Pay Per View events of the year.

This week hopes to be no different as several high profile matches are set to be disputed from a World Heavyweight title match to a 30-minute iron woman match for the Impact Knockouts title.

Eddie Edwards vs. Rob Van Dam with Katie Forbes for Impact Heavyweight Championship

Result: Eddie Edwards pins Rob Van Dam

Grade: C

The match was okay. Nothing truly special and mostly just served to show how old Rob Van Dam has gotten. Even though he looks good still he’s just a step to slow now to really pull off the style that made him famous. The highpoint came after the match when the recently returned Eric Young came down to the ring and blindsided Eddie Edwards telling him that next week for his open challenge Eric Young will be his downfall.

WrestleHouse Segment

The second segment of the night saw the members of WrestleHouse getting ready to attend a toga party organized by Taya. It was a mercifully short segment being broken up by the first commercial of the night. Now because I am watching the Twitch stream instead of the AXStv feed we are treated to direct commentary from members of the Impact staff answering questions throughout the commercial. This week’s commercial guest is Melissa Santos who agreed that WrestleHouse is getting mixed reactions but a lot of people really enjoy it which is why it’s been continuing.

Following the commercial we saw a continuation of WrestleHouse but this time with inebriated confessionals from Taya who is upset about losing the match last week to Kylie Rae to be the number one contender for the Knockouts Title.

We also saw Crazy Steve and Johnny Swinger trying to Mr. Fuji other wrestlers where they throw baby powder in their eyes. Because it is Wrestlehouse this could only be solved in a match with the added stipulations of being a blindfold match. The loser of which would have to wear the other wrestler’s clothes next week.

Grade: D

Crazy Steve vs. Johnny Swinger – WrestleHouse Match

Result: Crazy Steve pins Johnny Swinger

Grade: D- 

It was not a good match. Even by comedy match standards. It was just really really bad.

Dasha is back for the commercial break and posits that she thinks it is Tommy Dreamer who stole the beer from the Deaners because “if he took it who would say anything to him? They would just think it was his.”

Rhyno  Promo

Rhyno is still really mad about being beaten down by Reno Scum the week before and having his money taken. He challenges Reno Scum to a tag team match next week with his tag team partner Heath. He calls for the fans to tweet at ImpactWrestling #HeathForImpact so that he can have back up for the match.

Grade: C

A quick promo that served to move Rhyno’s story and Heath’s story forward. Hopefully, we get to see them both in a ring next week.

Eddie Edwards Promo Segment

Eddie is in the ring and says that if Eric Young really wants a title match he shouldn’t have to wait until next week. Eddie is ready now and they can fight now. Eric comes down and tells him that they aren’t working on Eddie’s time table.

They are working according to Eric’s plan. That they will fight when he wants to fight and he wants to fight next week. At that Eddie exits the ring and begins to beat him down outside the ring leading the two men to be separated by several referees and backstage personnel.

Grade: C

A decent segment if not something that all wrestling fans have seen several times over by this point. Decently executed. Dasha continues to bury WrestleHouse through the commercial while also complimenting Scott D’amore’s hair and wondering if he dyes it.

Rohit Raju Interview

Rohit states that he was never a popular guy behind the scenes and that’s why he never got any title opportunities before his match with Chris Bey at Slammiversary. He says that he was able to manipulate Chris and win his title easily.

Grade: B 

Honestly more emotion and personality than I have ever seen from Rohit. I am excited to see where his reign goes.

Locker Room Talk

Locker Room Talk hosted by Madison Rayne was co-hosted this week by the Rascalz. The guests were Ace Austin and Mad Man Fulton. Fulton and Ace ended up leaving the show after being laughed at during a question about their loss to The Good Brothers last week.

Grade: C

It was a funny segment with the Rascalz continuing to try and get Madison to come back with them to the Tree House.

Sami Callihan Promo

This is a very promo heavy episode of Impact. This promo consisted of Sami blaming RVD for why he lost his Impact Heavyweight Championship match to Eddie Edwards and challenging him and Katie Forbes to a match next week.

Grade: C-

This was… fine? I’m not really sure what to do with Sammi’s character at this point. He seems caught in a holding pattern right now. I hope they find something to do with the character soon.

EC3 Promo

Would you look at that… its ANOTHER promo segment. This one showed EC3 addressing the TNA Heavyweight Championship that he stole from Moose last week. Reminiscing about when he beat Kurt Angle for the title saying, “That was the last time I was truly happy.” Also claiming that as long as the title exists he cannot be free and that it controls him. He finishes the promo by saying that he has to destroy the championship. He does not know how he will destroy it but he knows he has too.

Grade: D

I really like EC3 but this was not great. Especially considering the recently leaked reports that he was present at the Ring of Honor tapings and is not going to spend much time in Impact. The program just doesn’t make sense.

Brian Myers vs. Willie Mack

Result: Brian Myers pins Willie Mack

Grade: B

These guys are both incredible athletes and I am very happy to see Myers get a win. I do wish that it wasn’t at the expense of Willie Mack, who seems to be floundering a bit since his tag team partner Rich Swann announced his forced retirement due to injury several weeks ago. A solid match that is no doubt elevated by the less than stellar card so far tonight.

WrestleHouse Segment

Another WrestleHouse segment that saw Larry D, now Lawrence D, take Rosemary out on a date but be stopped by who accused her of breaking Bravo’s heart. Tommy tells Bravo to man up and confront Lawrence about his date with Rosemary.  Which he does. Rosemary tries to keep Lawrence away from Rosemary and slaps him breaking him from his trance. Which leads to a match between the two.

Grade: F

The match was short so it had that going for it at least. Rosemary and Johnny made up to end the segment and Johnny ends up standing up to Taya and admitting his feelings for Rosemary. Taya then says that WrestleHouse is Rosemary’s fault, so at least we know who to blame.

She then challenges Rosemary to a WrestleHouse match where the winner takes all. What exactly is all you may ask? Rosemary asked the same. In response, Taya said, “Johnny, this, just all!” while drunkenly waving her arms around. So this might be the expected exit from Impact for Taya Valkyrie that has been rumored since her husband Johnny Impact resigned with WWE.

Jordynne Grace vs. Deonna Purrazzo IronWoman Match – Knockouts Title

Result: Deonna wins two falls to one to keep the Knockouts title

Grade: A

This is a really really good match that you should go back and track down if you did not get the chance to watch it live. It was definitely hindered by the frequent ad breaks at pivotal moments in the match but was very solid overall.

Next. Brian Myers has come alive in Impact Wrestling. dark

I am a big fan of an Ironman or Ironwoman match that respects that both individuals are professionals and aren’t going to just succumb to pinfalls every 30 seconds.