WWE: 5 wrestlers who need a big post-SummerSlam push

Naomi, WWE SmackDown Feb 14. Credit: WWE.com
Naomi, WWE SmackDown Feb 14. Credit: WWE.com /
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SummerSlam is in the books, so here are five wrestlers in WWE who need to get a big push in the second half of 2020.

WWE is heading into its “Fall” season with plenty of momentum after an excellent showing at SummerSlam. Nothing has created more buzz than Roman Reigns’ shocking return, as he’s ready to claim his rightful spot atop SmackDown.

But which other wrestlers should get major pushes after the Biggest Part of the Summer?


#NaomiDeservesBetter is an ongoing movement from fans who want Naomi to be booked in a way that is befitting of her true star power. Naomi went viral with her Royal Rumble return and has always been one of WWE’s top performers, but fans are frustrated with how little screen time she gets.

Earlier this year, Naomi feuded with Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Title. Sasha Banks and Bayley will be feuding for the title now as their breakup story starts to take shape, but there are so many wrestlers in the mid-card of SmackDown who need big pushes. Naomi is one of them. She still has a big role to play on Friday nights and should see championship gold in her future, too.