WWE: 5 wrestlers who need a big post-SummerSlam push

Naomi, WWE SmackDown Feb 14. Credit: WWE.com
Naomi, WWE SmackDown Feb 14. Credit: WWE.com /
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Aleister Black

Aleister Black made his return to Raw after SummerSlam and had one of the biggest segments of the night. After Kevin Owens “knocked” on Black’s door before interviewing him on the Kevin Owens Show, the Mercurial One turned heel on the former Universal Champion. Black hit him with a spinning back elbow and then hit him with the Black Mass.

The former NXT Champion needed a character change on Monday night, and this heel turn is absolutely a step in the right direction for the rising star. Black needs to win his feud with Owens. There is championship gold in his future, too, as Black is still looking to win his first title on the “main roster”.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns obviously needs to be pushed to the moon now that he’s returned to WWE. The Big Dog is the undisputed top male star in WWE, and SmackDown’s Men’s Division has been a disaster without him. It’s felt directionless and pointless without Reigns. Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman’s rivalry only felt interesting when Alexa Bliss played a role, and now the Universal Title can finally have a great story with Reigns in the mix.

At Payback, Reigns should have his hand raised as the new Universal Champion. It’s the title he never lost, and it’s the title he has earned on the strength of his star power and weekly brilliance when he’s on the screen. Ask Murphy and Jason Jordan, nobody can get someone else over quite like the Big Dog.