WWE: Renee Young names her three favorite people to interview

WWE, Renee Young (Photo by Heather Kennedy/Getty Images for SXSW)
WWE, Renee Young (Photo by Heather Kennedy/Getty Images for SXSW) /

Renee Young had some of the most memorable interviews in modern WWE.

Renee Young put an end to her eight-year career in the WWE on the day of SummerSlam when she finally appeared for the last time on WWE Television.

After her departure, she appeared on the weekly show WWE’s ‘The Bump,’ and talked about her three favorite people in WWE to interview backstage. They were Paul Heyman, Kevin Owens, and Samoa Joe, via 411Mania.com’s Jeremy Thomas.

The Canadian interviewer talked about how she enjoyed working with Paul Heyman, as we know that ‘The Mad Genius’ always has something up his sleeve and can put keep people glued to the screen with his impromptu promos.

She also talked about how Kevin Owens would try to talk about something to make the segment look good, and Samoa Joe would talk about her husband and make it great.
Renee Young is one of the most revered people in her field of work, as she rose through the ladder from being a backstage interviewer to being the first-ever woman to be the permanent commentator on Raw and the only women to commentate at WrestleMania and in Saudi Arabia.

Renee Young was a star in WWE

Her accolades are way beyond what words can fathom because she made every aspect of the work look so easy. In her farewell video, Miz talked about his Talking Smack segment and the slap he received from her colleague. Big E also talked about their conversation style, and everyone had their memory with the chirpy, cheerful, and always so wonderful Renee Young, but it wasn’t over yet.

The SmackDown Women’s Champion did talk about her moments with Renee, but even on her way out, she got a challenge for Raw Underground. You never know if Renee would show up to take down the former NXT Women’s Champion, and as Bayley and Sasha Banks earned everyone’s respect as an in-ring performer, we may see Renee Young have her hand raised high when all is said and done.

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After all who doesn’t want to see Renee Young excel at another thing, too!