AEW: Adam Page’s arc shows AEW’s ability to tell compelling stories

AEW, Hangman Page Credit: All Elite Wrestling
AEW, Hangman Page Credit: All Elite Wrestling /

Adam Page’s angle versus the Young Bucks is one of the best angles being told in professional wrestling.

Professional wrestling is all about storytelling. The stories that are told in the ring, through the characters and angles are what keeps fans tuning in each week. All Elite Wrestling is presenting one of the most interesting stories in the industry today. That is the angle with Hangman Adam Page and his membership in the Elite. It is a situation that seems to have come to ahead on this week’s show, but upon further analysis there seems to be much more to tell in the weeks to come.

On Thursday, Page stopped the Young Bucks from winning the tag team gauntlet match. A match that if they did win, would put them into the number one contender’s slot. A slot that means they would need to face Page and his partner, Kenny Omega, for a second time. Their previous bout for the titles at AEW Revolution in February was one of the best matches of the year, if not the best itself. It was a match that Omega and Page escaped with the titles, making a rematch something everyone wants to see. At least, everyone but Page.

Matt and Nick Jackson were understandable upset with Page. They confronted him backstage and after throwing a drink in his face, kicked him out of the Elite. For much of 2020 Page has seemed to be disillusioned with his place in the stable. He never seemed to be there for them in the way you would expect someone who was in a faction with their close friends. The Bucks, specifically Matt, and Page have hinted at a growing resentment and that growing resentment has become animosity.

But what is that is not the case? Page’s lack of rebuttals on Thursday creates the opportunity for there to be something else afoot. There has been growing speculation that perhaps Omega is heading toward a heel turn. And what does Cody, another member of the Elite, have to say about all of this? He has been dealing with his own angles and opponents for the past few months. Everyone is being pulled in different directions and that is what makes this storyline one to watch.

Predictability has a place in wrestling. For example, everyone knew that Kofi Kingston was to defeat Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35. Fans were ready for that moment in their response showed that. But this story with Page and the Elite is wide open. There is no telling how this is going to end and that is what makes each development that much more compelling to see and speculate about. Something is going to happen, but viewers do not know what or when. So, they tune in every week to see.

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AEW is excelling in developing interesting stories. There are some things that they could do better, but this is a strength that continues to help this young promotion toward success. There is something going on with Adam Page that may lead to the implosion of the Elite. But no one can predict how this will impact everyone that is a part of the famed group.