AEW Women’s Division Takeaways: 3-minute matches continue

Big Swole entering the ring (photo courtesy of AEW)
Big Swole entering the ring (photo courtesy of AEW) /

What happened in the AEW Women’s Division on Thursday night’s Dynamite?

The August 27 episode of AEW Dynamite packed a lot into a reduced program but still fell short on time for the women. Here are five takeaways from the women’s division.

Allie’s loyalty is still in question

In the opening match of the show, the Young Bucks took on the Natural Nightmares, accompanied by Allie, in the tag team gauntlet.

Allie’s presence seemed to de-bunk my theory from last week that perhaps she’s no longer with the Nightmare Family. However, her actions later on in the show, or lack thereof, leads me to think otherwise.

When we saw QT Marshall and Dustin, along with Matt Cardona and even Scorpio Sky, seek retribution for the Dark Order’s actions, Allie was yet again missing.

She wasn’t present to give Anna Jay a receipt for choking out her tag team partner Brandi the week prior, which leaves me questioning the future of the Nightmare Sisters again.

Shida vs Rosa is going to be epic

This week we saw the official contract signing between Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa for their AEW Women’s Championship match at All Out.

As well as the signing we also got a promo package of Rosa’s history and experience, with a familiar voiceover from NWA President Billy Corgan, who explained what we’re expected to see from the NWA Women’s World Champion.

As well as being an impressive in-ring competitor, Rosa also has an MMA background under her skillset, making her Shida’s most well-rounded opponent so far.

The promo did a tremendous job of hyping up this match on September 5, and I personally cannot wait to see what’s in store.

Anna Jay is a star

Anna Jay was introduced as the newest member of the Dark Order and was officially granted her own number (99) and a new nickname as the Queen Slayer, for taking out Brandi Rhodes the week before.

Her moment was cut short by an over-enthusiastic John Silver but regained the spotlight when she stepped up to Scorpio Sky who had his sights set on Mr. Brodie Lee.

A simple slap to the face of Sky presented Jay as a force to be reckoned with and a central figure of the group.

Jay’s future with the Dark Order looks promising and has me pumped for what’s ahead. How about featuring her in the Dark Order bits on BTE whilst we’re at it?

Tay Conti and Anna Jay are here to stay?

The Dark Order didn’t stop with one new recruit this week, as we saw Evil Uno and Anna Jay approach Tay Conti who was in attendance at ringside with an invitation to join.

Conti embraced her Deadly Draw tag partner, but looked torn as to whether aligning with the Dark Order was the path for her.

Conti and Jay had great chemistry together during the tag team cup tournament, and if seeing more of that means she has to join the Dark Order, then honestly, I’m all for it.


Baker vs Swole set up in 3-minute catastrophe

Big Swole emerged victorious in her handicap match against Britt Baker, Rebel, and Penelope Ford, and it looks like Swole will finally get her hands on Baker at All Out.

It’s unfortunate, however, that the set up was the result of a rushed, 3-minute match, where no one came away looking good.

The match itself wasn’t all together pointless, as it served to set up Big Swole vs Britt Baker, a feud several months in the making by now.

A feud that has also been very entertaining throughout, which is impressive given its lack of actual in-ring action between the two.

The 3-minute match, on the other hand, has got people talking and criticizing AEW’s handling of its women’s division yet again.

In terms of this feud, all will be forgiven if this match has a big payoff.

I want to see Swole and Baker have an all-out brawl at the PPV with the same name. I want to see the two go at it backstage with callbacks to what led to this rivalry, using things like the dumpster and backstage golf cart.

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But on a broader note, AEW needs to change this 3-minute, one-women’s-match-per-show booking, and start giving its women’s division the same energy it gives the men.