WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon wants to push Keith Lee ‘to the moon’

WWE, Keith Lee (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Keith Lee (photo courtesy of WWE) /

Keith Lee defeated Randy Orton in one of the standout matches at WWE Payback, and there will be more to come.

Although WWE fans were extremely disappointed to see Keith Lee’s NXT Championship reign cut short at TakeOver 30, his first week on Raw has been incredible. Yes, fans criticized the new theme and gear, but they also recognized the importance of having Lee feud with Randy Orton as his very first action on the “main roster”.

Lee scored a Pay Per View match with the Viper at Payback, and he didn’t just have a big showing on Sunday night. He won. Lee pinned Orton cleanly in the middle of the ring, most likely earning himself a future title opportunity in the process.

According to a report from talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy, Vince McMahon gave Randy Orton an instruction before Keith Lee’s debut PPV match. He told the Viper to make Lee into a star, though I’m sure Lee didn’t need much help there.

Additionally, McCarthy reported that McMahon plans on pushing the Limitless One “to the moon”, which seems clear after the man beat Randall Keith Orton in his first Pay Per View match!

Keith Lee is a future WWE Champion

The former NXT Champion could be the future WWE Champion or even Universal Champion by the time WrestleMania 37 rolls around. He’s already a good candidate to win the Royal Rumble, and perhaps it is in his destiny to pin Orton in a bigger match.

Lee is already one of the top babyfaces on Raw, right there alongside current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. This win over Orton was impressive in every sense, and it’s good to hear that Vince is prepared to build new stars in 2020 and beyond.

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Orton, per McCarthy’s report, is doing his best to help build those stars, too. WrestleTalk’s Louis Dangoor reported this summer that Orton wanted to work with talent in NXT. Well, he’s now working with a recent NXT call-up, and it’s working out nicely for everyone involved.