AEW All Out 2020: 3 Reasons Why Jon Moxley Should Retain The Title

AEW, Jon Moxley (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
AEW, Jon Moxley (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /
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3. Jon Moxley should be a dominant AEW world champion

As stated in the opening paragraphs, professional wrestling needs a lengthy world championship reign. Jon Moxley possesses all of the tools to be presented as that irresistible force in All Elite Wrestling.

Moxley is 6’4 inches, 230 pounds. While he’s a little unorthodox in the ring, the guy has the “IT” factor to lead a company for a year and beyond. His promo skills are of the highest quality, he elicits emotion from crowds (when in the arena) and at home, his merchandise is an AEW top seller and everything about his demeanor exudes dominance.

6 months as a world champion in the internet days of professional wrestling is often seen as a lifetime. Some folks lose patience and focus with the same guy winning each and every week. Why is this?

WWE has conditioned the audience to accept 50-50 booking. If one guy wins on RAW, they may get a rematch a week later and the other performer earns the victory. How does this advance stories? How does it make it possible to establish who is at the top of the hierarchy in any promotion?

It doesn’t.

People wanted to see Ric Flair get knocked off his pedestal. Flair was just so good that he would hold off challengers’ best efforts left and right. So much so that when Flair would eventually lose his world championship, it really meant something. When you scored a pinfall win over Ric Flair, you were ready to be presented as a main event talent.

Jon Moxley deserves at least one year as AEW world champion. Give him six more months to prove that he is truly the top guy in All Elite Wrestling. He’s run through most of the AEW roster already. So when the time comes, a new challenger can emerge.

One who will be red hot and worthy of challenging Moxley for the title. When that happens, full crowds may possibly be back in force. You invested the time in building said challenger, and now you can push the payoff in a big way.

We’ll use Hangman Page as an example. He goes on an epic singles run and goes head to head with Jon Moxley at Double Or Nothing in 2021. We are now conditioned to believe that Page can knock off the juggernaut that is Jon Moxley. So when Page succeeds, the crowd erupts, a new champion is elevated and you have now made another big-time champion.

Use the next six months to a year and build Moxley up even more as an unbeatable AEW champion. Jon Moxley should retain the AEW world championship for all of the reasons stated above. Let All Elite Wrestling provide something that is sorely needed in the wrestling industry.

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A deservedly lengthy and dominant  Jon Moxley AEW world title push. Such an imposing championship reign that leaves us as fans truly caring about how much the prize itself means to the characters in AEW.