Randy Orton: Ranking the Viper’s top 5 rivalries in WWE

WWE, Randy Orton (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
WWE, Randy Orton (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images) /
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Triple H

Evolution was the first step towards the growth of Randy Orton, and Triple H played a role in helping The Legend Killer rise to the occasion. The youngest WWE Champion at the age of 24, Randy Orton got the big break when during the championship celebration he was laid on the mat by Batista due to directions from HHH.

The new champion turned babyface, and it helped his character to become a loveable character which was the need of the hour. The current WWE COO always knew a thing or two about putting superstars over, and this one was no different. He created this rivalry and was in the driver’s seat while Randy Orton was following ‘The Game.’

It helped the former Intercontinental champion as he became a fan-favorite, and this propelled his career to new heights that helped shape the superstar he is today. Orton and Hunter have been a part of various storylines down the line, but there is always a special place for every first thing.

The Viper has spoken about it on multiple occasions, and one cannot deny the fact that The Game does know how to play it because it’s all about control, and he has it.