How will Sasha Banks react after losing her second title?

Sasha Banks, WWE Credit:
Sasha Banks, WWE Credit: /

In the span of one week, Sasha Banks went from “Two Belts Banks” to championship-less. So what’s next?

Sasha Banks lost the WWE Raw Women’s Championship to Asuka at SummerSlam and then lost to the Empress of Tomorrow a second time on the following episode of Raw.

So when she appeared on SmackDown alongside Bayley to cut a promo on their Women’s Tag Title challengers at Payback, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax, she was quite clearly upset. Sasha could hardly look at Bayley, referred to the tag title in singular form as “my”, and absorbed a verbal blow from Bayley about her lack of successful Raw Women’s Title defenses.

That Sunday at Payback, Sasha lost her second title, as her arm was used to choke out Bayley in a double-submission. And just like that, Shayna and Nia became the Women’s Tag Titles, leaving the Two-Woman Power Trip with just the SmackDown Women’s Title.

Now, the focus is on Banks. How will she react to losing both of her titles in one week? Some fans were wondering if Bayley and Banks could retain at Payback but then lose the titles to Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan at a later date.

Sasha Banks and Bayley could break up on SmackDown this week

After losing at Payback, though, it seems like the breakup could happen as soon as this week’s SmackDown. It seems like Sasha Banks will be the babyface in this feud and join Roman Reigns as the top face on SmackDown when she wins the title off Bayley, as Bayley has been such a good heel, too. But it’s anyone’s guess as to how the breakup happens exactly. Who knows who will turn on whom?

Sasha and Bayley have been the top two performers in WWE during this storyline, and that’s a huge reason why they held all the titles at one point. That “power trip” couldn’t last forever, though, and it’s officially fallen apart after two back-to-back Pay Per Views in SummerSlam and Payback.

There have been so many twists and turns in this story, but if there’s one thing that fans can safely predict, it’s that the final blow between the friendship of Sasha and Bayley is on the horizon. The SmackDown before Payback was an important episode signaling what was to come, and the SmackDown after Payback could be where the final, emotional split happens.

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Bayley and Banks went on a special run together as double-champions, but the could write an even more memorable chapter in their never-ending story as SmackDown Women’s Championship rivals.