WWE: RETRIBUTION expected to only wreak havoc on Raw

WWE (Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)
WWE (Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images) /

The new WWE stable RETRIBUTION didn’t show up at Payback, and they will be exclusive to one brand going forward.

Sportskeeda reporter Tom Colohue has repeatedly stated that RETRIBUTION’s members will only be revealed at the next WWE Draft, which could take place as soon as October. Until then, the number of wrestlers in the faction and their identities will remain a mystery.

RETRIBUTION seems to be in a fluid state right now, and there’s even been internal debate on what the faction’s role should be on WWE television.

But we’re now getting clarity on one change post-Payback. According to a report from POST Wrestling’s John Pollock, RETRIBUTION is expected to remain exclusive to WWE Raw going forward. They will not be wreaking havoc on SmackDown in the future, at least until any draft.

It’s an interesting decision, given that RETRIBUTION were booked more strongly on SmackDown than Raw. Most of their attacks on Raw have been rather tame, including the one on the Aug. 31 episode of the Red Brand when they interrupted a Tornado Tag Match between Andrade and Angel Garza and the Street Profits.

WWE Raw Underground has been more successful than RETRIBUTION thus far

Meanwhile, on SmackDown, RETRIBUTION used a chainsaw to destroy the ring and later attacked everyone in sight backstage.

Between Raw Underground and RETRIBUTION, the former has had much more immediate success than the latter, which is now being met by shrugs and eye rolls by many wrestling fans. The faction has potential, but the random attacks don’t really inspire fear or make many headlines.

Perhaps remaining exclusive to the Red Brand will help the faction impose itself a little more and benefit from consistent booking. It was interesting having them potentially attack either show, but since they were leaving NXT alone anyway, the brand exclusivity doesn’t really harm anything.

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Hopefully, RETRIBUTION get a boost in September, because they could benefit from improved booking that presents them as a real, consistent threat.