WWE: 5 fresh rivalries for ‘Monday Night Messiah’ Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins will discuss burning down the Firefly Fun House on the October 21, 2019 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. Photo: WWE.com
Seth Rollins will discuss burning down the Firefly Fun House on the October 21, 2019 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. Photo: WWE.com /
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After a bitter rivalry with Dominik and Rey Mysterio, who could be next in line to provide a fresh challenge for “The Monday Night Messiah” Seth Rollins?

After failing to defeat Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 36 or take the WWE Championship from Drew McIntyre at Money in the Bank 2020, Seth Rollins has found himself embroiled in a bitter rivalry with Rey Mysterio since May of this year. On the May 11 episode of WWE Raw, Seth Rollins and Murphy took a disqualification loss to Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio in a tag team match.

Of course, it wasn’t the loss that set up the feud that has been raging for nearly four months but the actions of Seth Rollins after the match where he intentionally injured the eye of Rey Mysterio. The ensuing rivalry did give us the unforgettable debut of Dominik Mysterio in a surprising match of the year contender, but it’s also started to drag on to the point that “The Monday Night Messiah” is in need of something fresh.

A few of these names are currently a part of WWE Raw along with Seth Rollins, but it’s important to note that WWE could be looking to do a draft in the coming weeks. It’s apparently been in the works for some time but keeps getting postponed. Whether that means Rollins to SmackDown or potential opponents to WWE Raw, a draft would open up some new options for “The Monday Night Messiah.”


The most obvious next step, and the one on this list who has the most history with Seth Rollins, is his current disciple Murphy. For several months now, we’ve seen tension starting to bubble beneath the surface as Murphy has been reluctant to carry out certain commands decreed by “The Monday Night Messiah.”

When Murphy took the fall at WWE Payback, it prompted Seth Rollins to verbally berate him the next night on WWE Raw and insist he leave ringside for Rollins’ match. It wasn’t a bad call in the end, as Rollins was able to defeat Dominik Mysterio in that match, but Rollins came up short in the night’s main event triple threat to determine the next challenger for WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

With another title opportunity having slipped through his grasp, Seth Rollins is more unstable now than he’s been in quite some time. If there was ever a time for Murphy to hit his breaking point, it’s now, and a rivalry that begins with Murphy turning face against his former leader could work wonders for both of them.