WWE: Otis should lose the Money in the Bank contract

WWE, Otis, Mandy Rose (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Otis, Mandy Rose (photo courtesy of WWE) /

Otis isn’t in the same position he once was and should lose the MITB briefcase rather than attempt to cash it in.

Otis won the Money in the Bank briefcase back in May. The contract that guarantees him a shot at any title he desires, dropped into his arms as AJ Styles fumbled it like he was on the one-yard line. Now, he is positioned himself to be the next individual to find success via cash in. But that was months ago. And in hindsight it looks like this year’s MITB winner will be nothing more than a blip on the radar when compared to some of the others that have won the coveted spot.

There is not any doubt that Otis was over with fans earlier this year. The Royal Rumble moment he had with Mandy Rose received a loud reaction from those in attendance and has generated more than four million views on YouTube since. WWE reacted by placing Otis in the MITB ladder match, which he won in comical fashion.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced WWE to slow down presenting any major moments on television without a live crowd in attendance. Otis cashing in the briefcase would be one of those moments. He and Rose were taken off television for a few weeks, but now Otis is back with briefcase in tow, with his tag team partner Tucker as they feud with John Morrison and the Miz. Otis made a hint at cashing in on Braun Strowman when he was the champion, but other than that there’s been very little reference of his name whenever talking about the men holding the biggest prizes in the organization, Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre. And there is a reason for that.

Otis’s character doesn’t fit any longer

Otis does not fit into the main event picture. This is not about his physical appearance at all. Otis is an exceptionally powerful athlete that could easily throw his peers around the ring like a pillow. But he is booked as a comedy character in a time when the champions are serious about their stature in wrestling. Imagine him rubbing his stomach and saying “Oh yeah” while facing off against either Reigns or McIntyre. That idea is dead in the water. In an age where serious characters like Jon Moxley, Finn Balor, Reigns and McIntyre are desired, Otis does not fit into that picture.

Plus, there’s other men that are being pushed up the ladder who should not be overlooked at this time. Reports have come out that Big E and Keith Lee are on the starting end of important pushes up the ladder. The backlash that would come from fans if Otis were pushed over either one of them would be fast or virulent. The same could be said for anyone competing for mid-card picture. Bobby Lashley, Sami Zayn, MVP, Apollo Crews – all those names have more value in the title picture, much more than Otis.

Now, the MITB briefcase could be used to do something original. For example, imagine if Otis, being such a great friend to Tucker, decided to cash in on the Street Profits for the tag team titles. That would be a moment that would keep him in the title scene and not make a total waste of the PPV prize. Unfortunately, WWE has shown that they have zero interest in building up the tag team division.

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Otis is no longer in the same position that he was when he won the MITB briefcase. While it is unfortunate for him WWE creative should look at a way of getting the briefcase from him and onto someone that has more long-term value in the main event picture. Or he will understandably join the four people that have failed to successfully cash in the money in the bank contract.