WWE Royal Rumble 2021: Way too early full match card prediction

WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/WireImage)
WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/WireImage) /
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Raw Women’s Championship Match: Asuka (c) vs. Shayna Baszler

After a personal rivalry with Sasha Banks and Bayley, Asuka is now back on top as the Raw Women’s Champion and leading her division. While Shayna Baszler has found some tag team success alongside Nia Jax, that’s a tag team that was doomed from the start.

Once the inevitable implosion occurs, we should all look forward to getting to witness Asuka and Shayna Baszler square off on a pay-per-view stage. While they may face each other another time before then, we could see Shayna Baszler’s crowning moment at WWE Royal Rumble 2021 as she dethrones Asuka to become the new Raw Women’s Champion.

Prediction: Shayna Baszler is the new Raw Women’s Champion

WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton (c) vs. Keith Lee

Drew McIntyre has been a more than capable champion, but the relentless Randy Orton has continued to weaken him and may be on the path to leaving WWE Clash of Champions 2020 as the new WWE Champion. Should he pull that off, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Orton fend off his challengers and remain the WWE Champion by the time we arrive at WWE Royal Rumble 2021.

Keith Lee already showed he’s capable of defeating Orton during his pay-per-view debut at WWE Payback. While it may seem too soon to pull the trigger on him as WWE Champion, it’s important to remember Keith Lee is already 35, has 15 years of in-ring experience, and Vince McMahon wants to “push Lee to the moon.”

Prediction: Keith Lee is the new WWE Champion

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Naomi (c) vs. Bayley

This is a match we could see very soon, but not in this form. Bayley is currently the SmackDown Women’s Champion, and if she can keep the title until WWE Clash of Champions her reign will then be over 350 days long. She’s closing in on a full year, but Naomi could put an end to that very soon.

Whether it’s at Clash of Champions, or soon after, I expect Naomi to capture the title off the heels of her recent SmackDown defeat of Bayley. This allows Naomi a reign she’s absolutely earned, and will cool the tension between Bayley and Sasha Banks long enough for their rivalry to reignite soon after WWE Royal Rumble 2020 when Bayley recaptures the SmackDown Women’s Title and Sasha Banks [See Next Slide].

Prediction: Bayley is the new SmackDown Women’s Champion