Wrestling Rumor Roundup: Brock Lesnar speculation, Chris Jericho on Roman Reigns

WWE, Brock Lesnar (Photo by Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)
WWE, Brock Lesnar (Photo by Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images) /

What are the biggest wrestling rumors this week?

Wrestling is a never-ending business where news, views, and reviews keep coming up every split second. There are a host of companies offering their services as wrestling or sports-entertainment company, and with the work done by them, the fans at home can witness some phenomenal shows week in and out.

AEW hosted it’s All Out show on Saturday, and the fans loved it, but few things went off-hand, and the fans didn’t appreciate the presentation of the match, and the corresponding outcome. While the company owner did issue a statement later on, but the fuel to the fire had already happened.

Here’s what needs your attention this week:

Matt Hardy is doing OK

It must come as a relief to the wrestling fans after the match that they witnessed at AEW’s All-Out show. The fans have been critical about how the company handled the situation. Matt Hardy is doing OK, per Tony Khan. The wrestling veteran gave the fans value for money as it was the first show that the company was doing with fans in the arena, and they didn’t disappoint.

Le Champion enjoyed the heel turn by Roman Reigns

Former AEW Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho streamed a special edition of his Saturday Night Special YouTube show where the former WWE superstar talked about the sudden change in the plans for The Big Dog. Jericho is a voice of reason in the business and everything he says means value. He has been vocal in the past about WWE not giving Roman Reigns his opportunities, but as the situation stands he did have some good things to say about the wrestling juggernaut. The Le Champion had this to say for the new WWE Champion:

"I love Roman Reigns’ heel turn, I love the pairing of Roman and Paul Heyman, it’s great. You know that I have said this for years that Roman is gonna be even bigger than he has been. Just let him be himself, and he’s gonna be an even bigger star."

[H/T: Sportskeeda.com]

Why Did WWE release Authors of Pain?

Authors of Pain had a promising run on the black and gold brand before they switched gears and moved to the flagship show of WWE. The team had an OK singles run, but in an attempt to boost their career and get more from their run on the black and gold brand the team was aligned with Seth Rollins.

The plans fell flat when Akam and Razar, the members of AoP didn’t deliver on expectations, and then injuries sidelined them. Triple H and Paul Heyman wanted to give them an opportunity, but according to Dave Meltzer, Vince McMahon released them. Here’s what he had to say:

"When Paul Heyman was there, Paul Heyman wanted to make them his Road Warriors and Levesque did too because he even brought in Ellering for them and they were total Road Warrior rip-offs. It’s interesting that those two wanted to make them into Road Warriors and then Vince just decided whatever… H/T: WrestlingNewsCo"

Is Brock Heading to AEW?

In a recent session of PWInsider’s Q&A, Dave Scherer noted that fans have been anticipating a switch of The Beast Incarnate to All Elite Wrestling. Dave was specific in his answer and mentioned that Brock would not be a part of AEW because he wouldn’t want to work more dates than he did in the WWE.

Scherer pointed out that the AEW wrestling base is more hardcore and if the former WWE Universal Champion stepped inside an AEW ring and destroyed its performers, then it would hit the business badly. The company would not want that to happen at any cost, and so this is not on the cards as of this writing.

Has WWE breached healthcare and personal security law?

WWE released a new set of guidelines stating that it bans superstars from using third-party applications. It came as a shock for the WWE Universe and the wrestling world in general because the company said that they hold authority over the legal names of the superstars along with their on-screen characters.

The new announcement left everyone puzzled because there is confusion on what applications are allowed and which ones are not allowed in the company. The move did receive criticism, and AEW used it to full advantage during their All-Out show. Dave Meltzer spoke about the developing situation on his Wrestling Observer Radio:

"The assumption is that YouTube is fine, that’s the assumption. The assumption is Twitch is not fine. I know that doing commercials for anybody is not fine, that I know. That was always gonna be not fine. The one that has a lot of people upset was them telling people that they own their real names because everyone knew that WWE owns your stage names, of course.  H/T WrestlingNewsCo"

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