WWE Raw Results, Grades: Randy Orton, Keith Lee interrupted again

Randy Orton, WWE (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
Randy Orton, WWE (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images) /

Keith Lee faced Randy Orton in a vicious Payback rematch on WWE Raw.

On the road to Clash of Champions, new alliances are formed on WWE Raw while others reach a permanent end. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre finally gains the upper hand over the unforgiving Randy Orton.

Apollo Crews, Ricochet, and Cedric Alexander Vs. The Hurt Business

Grade: B

The first match of the evening featured Apollo Crews, Ricochet, and Cedric Alexander against the Hurt Business. Cedric Alexander suffered a pre-match assault from the group, leading to Apollo attacking Shelton in revenge. The treacherous group then maintained fluid tags while isolating Crews on the opposing side.

In the climax of the match, Cedric shockingly attacked his teammates and allowed Shelton to hit the Paydirt for the pinfall victory.

This match was an excellent showing for the Hurt Business, taking a methodical but devastating approach to dismantling their opponents. MVP especially adapted to his surroundings with his own fluid methods.

The Street Profits Vs. Andrade and Angel Garza

Grade: C 

Next up was the Street Profits vs Andrade and Angel Garza. Montez Ford and Angel Garza began the contest until the latter tagged himself out of the contest. Angelo Dawkins took advantage of an argument between Andrade and his cohorts and allowed Ford to hit a frog splash for the win.

After the match, SmackDown Tag Team Champions Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro appeared to confront the Profits. They would receive a Champion vs Champion contest for the following week.

This match was a brief, yet engaging romp. While overshadowed by Andrade and Garza’s tension, Ford and Dawkins maintained their dominance in the duration.

Peyton Royce Vs. Billie Kay

Grade: B

Peyton and Billie struggled to gain an advantage over one another in the beginning, using various technical maneuvers. After a brief exchange, Billie achieved a short burst of control. In the climax of the match, Royce hit a vertical suplex/swinging neckbreaker combo for the win.

After the match, the former partners reconciled and raised arms in solidarity.

The former partners refused to let their bond overshadow a potential victory, using their respective tricks to wear each other down. Peyton’s astounding offense could prepare her for future championship matches.

Asuka and Mickie James Vs. Natalya and Lana

Grade: B

Next up featured an uneasy alliance of Mickie James and Asuka vs Natalya and Lana. The duo struggled to maintain solidarity, giving the latter two a proper advantage. In the climax of the contest, Asuka tagged herself in and swiftly submitted Lana with the Asuka Lock.

The Raw Women’s Champion was as impressive as ever in this match, using her trademark rapid offense to keep her opponents on edge. Mickie James added her own flair to the match towards the conclusion.

The Hurt Business Vs. Viking Raiders, Apollo Crews, and Ricochet

Grade: A

Apollo Crews refused to let his adversaries overwhelm him, working in tandem with his partners to decimate MVP in the early moments. He would finally gain an advantage with a quick enzuiguri and tag to Bobby Lashley. Erik’s rally was cut short by a spear, allowing Shelton to unleash a series of suplexes upon his introduction.

Towards the match’s conclusion, Cedric hit the Michinoku Driver after a botched 630 Splash from Ricochet to get a questionable pinfall victory.

This 8 man tag match was tremendously sound, with both teams using their strengths to pull the momentum forward. Cedric Alexander displayed a more treacherous in-ring style to compliment his dangerous new allies.

Keith Lee Vs. Randy Orton

Grade: B

Keith Lee exuded confidence early on as Randy Orton feigned his previous injuries. Lee eventually forced him into the ring and suffered a jab to the eye that weakened him for most of the match. Orton attempted to hit two RKOs, but Lee exploited the injuries to his advantage.

In the climax of the match, Randy finally unleashed the RKO but endured another Claymore from Drew McIntyre to gain a disqualification win. The WWE Champion continued to threaten his adversary as medical officials entered the fray.

Keith Lee once again hindered Orton’s momentum with his usual brand of power moves. Orton’s quick RKO’s proved to be all for nothing once Drew resurfaced.

The Riott Squad Vs. Shayna Baszler

Grade: D

Next up was a handicap match with Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan against Shayna Baszler. Baszler wore down Riott’s joints in the opening moments with constricting submissions. She would do the same to Liv Morgan until a distraction from Nia Jax helped her to achieve a rollup pin.

The Riott Squad Vs. Nia Jax

Grade: D

Nia immediately entered the ring and displayed her usual dominance for a short bit. Ruby and Liv gained the advantage with quick tags and even withstood Jax’s power moves. The match came to an abrupt halt after Retribution vowed to haunt the superstars and the WWE Universe.

Both handicap matches were decent displays of Nia and Shayna’s advantages, yet the score has yet to be settled between the two teams. Future matches could allow for bigger and better showcases.

Dominik Mysterio Vs. Murphy

Grade: A

The main event featured Dominik Mysterio against Murphy in a Street Fight. Murphy immediately went after Dominik with a quick knee strike before taking the chaos to the outside. Once the opponents headed to the entrance ramp, Mysterio would perform a stunning dive from the Thunderdome to gain the advantage.

Murphy later utilized a host of weapons to decimate his opponent while exploiting every part of the ring for his benefit. In the climax of the match, Dominik and his family turned the tables with a slew of kendo stick shots. Murphy would forfeit the contest shortly thereafter.

Dominik Mysterio continues to prove his worth as a WWE superstar, throwing caution to the wind against Murphy while leaning on the help of his family.

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September 7th Raw Results

  • The Hurt Business defeated Apollo Crews, Ricochet, and Cedric Alexander via pinfall
  • The Street Profits defeated Andrade and Angel Garza via pinfall
  • Peyton Royce defeated Billie Kay via pinfall
  • Asuka and Mickie James defeated Natalya and Lana via submission
  • The Hurt Business defeated The Viking Raiders, Ricochet, and Apollo Crews via pinfall
  • Randy Orton defeated Keith Lee via disqualification
  • The Riott Squad defeated Shayna Baszler via pinfall
  • The Riott Squad vs Nia Jax ended in a no contest
  • Dominik Mysterio defeated Buddy Murphy via forfeit