Impact Wrestling Results, Highlights, and Grades for September 8, 2020

IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS
IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS /

Here’s what happened on Impact Wrestling this week.

Impact Wrestling returned to AXStv this week with the fall out of the shocking end to last week’s episode where the recently returned Eric Young defeated Eddie Edwards to become the new Impact World Champion.

Eric Young Promo

Eric Young started the episode off by saying that the reason he attacked Rich Swann was that he defeated Young at Slammiversary. He then went on to say that he had to injure Eddie Edwards. Because Edwards had the audacity to face him in the ring.

After the promo, Edwards’ wife Alisha Edwards came down to the ring to get in the face of Eric telling him, “Eddie is a fighter and I know its only a matter of time before he comes back and whoops your ass for that title.” Following her statement, Young pulled Alisha Edwards into a DDT position getting ready to attack her before Tommy Dreamer ran down to the ring and saved her.

Because of his interference, Tommy Dreamer challenged Eric Young for his title tonight. The challenge was accepted and the match was booked.

Grade: C+ 

Young and Edwards aren’t the best talkers in the company but the segment was saved by Tommy Dreamer.

Moose Skit/ Rosemary, John E, and Taya Valkyrie Segment

We were shown Moose boarding a plane with an unknown destination in an effort to track down EC3 and his stolen TNA World Heavyweight Championship before the commercial break.

Then when we came back from the break we saw John E and Rosemary discussing their wedding with Taya and hiring Taya to plan the wedding. Rosemary mentioned that the only one who is capable of officiating the wedding of a demon is dead but can be resurrected. Could we see a return of Father James Mitchell incoming?

Grade(s): C, B

The Moose skit was short and intriguing but without a payoff. At least so far. The other backstage segment was good and allowed Taya to continue to show her comedy chops.

Chris Bey vs. TJP

Result: TJP pins Chris Bey

Grade: B

This was a good but not great match. Chris Bey is incredible and TJP is very talented. Although his outside the ring comments and behavior tend to sour my opinions of his work.

Locker Room Talk

Madison Rayne is joined again by her co-host Johnny Swinger who returned from Wrestle House last week. Their guests this week are Suzie and Kylie Ray. Madison and Kylie get off on the wrong foot early when Madison accused Kylie of only going to the Wrestle House as a way to avoid the champion Deonna Purrazzo. Speaking of Purrazzo, she and Kimber Lee interrupt the interview challenging both Suzie and Kylie to a tag match that is scheduled for next week.

Grade: B

A decent segment that continued to build the story between Kylie and Deonna.

Brian Myers Promo/Match

Brian Myers comes down to the ring talking about how he is an industry veteran and felt disrespected by Willie Mack for not shaking his hand when he arrived. Willie interrupts the promo and challenges him to a rematch from night two of Emergence. Letting him know that Impact management signed it and it will take place right here right now.

Result: Brian Myers pins Willie Mack

Grade: A-

This match had no right to be as good as it was honestly. With Myers in the ring in street shoes and jeans and manages to sneak a win.

Jordynne Grace Interview

Jordynne Grace is being interviewed backstage and complimented on her decorum during last week’s black-tie affair. Grace is frustrated by Tenille Dashwood’s return to Impact last week and takes the cameraman to her dressing room to confront her. The door is not answered by Dashwood but by Kaleb Konley, an Impact alumni, who tells Grace that he is Dashwood’s personal photographer and that Dashwood has too many important things to do to bother showing up to the set.

Grade: C+ 

I’m happy to see Caleb back on my television screen. Konley was the last wrestler to be revealed under the Suicide mask back in 2019 and was most recently in the news when FTR’s proposed name in AEW was revealed to be The Revolt. A name that he has been using on the Independent circuit for many years.

The Rascalz vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (c) for Impact Tag Team Titles

Grade: Alex Shelly pins Zachary Wentz

Result: A+

These two teams are just so so so good. Following the match, both The North and Ace Austin/Madman Fulton rushed the ring to beat down on the retaining champions Motor City Machine Guns. The Good Brothers then rushed down to save the champions with all three face teams staring each other down with an uneasy, and temporary, alliance established.

RVD Promo

RVD and Katie Forbes reveal that they are being given a talk show, most likely to replace Wrestle House before making out wildly on camera.

Grade: F

No one has time for that PDA on our wrestling shows.

Sammi Callihan Promo

Sammi is back in his cave talking about numbers. He mentions that he beat RVD last week but then got beat down by both RVD and Katie Forbes before saying that he will not hack their show next week. Because he has other plans.

Grade: C 

I am really enjoying Sammi as the hacker in Impact wrestling. It makes me sad that we’ll never get a solution to a similar storyline in WWE.

Tasha Steelz vs. Taya Valkyrie

This match came about because Tasha was sticking up for John E. backstage telling him that his wedding is about him and not Taya. Encouraging him to be his own man and stand up for himself. Taya took offense to this of course and challenged Tasha to a match.

Result: Taya pins Tasha

Grade: B- 

A good match that served to show just what Tasha can do. Tasha will be a knockouts champion sooner than later.

Moose Segment Two

Moose shows up at his high school football coaches’ office looking for EC3. When he asks his coach if he has seen EC3 the coach replies, “Control your narrative.” A tagline of the missing wrestler. Moose visibly shaken battles by several men who are blocking the doorway to escape the office.

Heath and Rhyno segment

Heath and Rhyno are backstage talking about how good it felt to be in the ring together last week. Rhyno warns Heath that he was upsetting Impact management and that it would be harder now to get him a job. Heath seems concerned telling Rhyno that he has kids and can’t afford not to work. Rhyno tells him not to worry and that he knows where to get the cash.

Could Rhyno and Heath be getting ready to rob Homicide? That doesn’t seem like a great idea.

Grade: C+

Next. Brian Myers comes alive in Impact Wrestling. dark

Eric Young vs. Tommy Dreamer Non-Title Match

Result: Eric Young pins Tommy Dreamer

Grade: C+

Following the match Eric Young begins to beat Tommy Dreamer with a kendo stick wrapping his leg in a steel chair and stomping on it before the returning Rich Swann charges the ring swinging at him wildly with his crutches. The pair yell from across the arena at one another. Even though Rich is still in a walking boot it looks like Impact management is setting him up for a title challenge as soon as he is able to return.