WWE: The Hurt Business are ready for the main event

WWE, Bobby Lashley (Photo by FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP via Getty Images)
WWE, Bobby Lashley (Photo by FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP via Getty Images) /

The Hurt Business need to be booked as the main event threat they are instead of dealing with the mid-card.

On the recent edition of Monday Night Raw, the Hurt Business added a new face. Cedric Alexander finally conceded to the calls of MVP as he turned on Ricochet and Apollo Crews, joining the stable that includes Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin. While Retribution may be talked about as the threat to Raw, the Hurt Business is the group that looks like a main event stable and should be booked as such immediately.

Lashley, Alexander, Benjamin and MVP are a formidable group. Even though they have been fighting with Apollo Crews over the United States title since June, this team can easily be taken to the main event. Lashley was already in that position for a moment, when he and Drew McIntyre had a series of matches leading to WWE Backlash back in June. McIntyre won that match and Lashley was immediately back to the mid-card. Unlike Randy Orton, who is remained in the title picture regardless of taking losses to McIntyre, Lashley had one shot at the belt and that was it. That is enough motivation that this group should start targeting McIntyre again soon.

Instead, Lashley has the United States title around his waist. Unfortunately, that belt has been regulated to a secondary status in so much it is rarely mentioned during this feud. It is great to see him with a belt, but Lashley is above the US title at this point. Now with four men in the group they should be booked in a way that they are focused on gaining all the gold on Monday Night Raw. Alexander and Benjamin as tag champs. MVP holding the US title and Lashley going after the WWE Championship. That is the way to book a main event, heel faction and that is the way the Hurt Business should be leveraged.

Faction-based wrestling is returning to professional wrestling. All Elite Wrestling pushed for this change in mainstream, North American wrestling as they developed several groups in less than one year. Outside of the New Day and Undisputed Era there have been few stables that have seen longevity and success within the WWE. AEW is building several groups like the Dark Order, the Elite before the split and even hinting toward a returning Four Horsemen. WWE announced Retribution as if it were supposed to be a needle-mover when the solution to finding a main event group was right in front of them with the Hurt Business.

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Since COVID-19 forced much of the professional wrestling industry to a standstill, WWE has leaned on a smaller roster. The four members of the Hurt Business are individuals that have stood out during this time. The group had a moment in the main event picture, and it is time for WWE Creative to correct this matter. They have everything needed to be a main event level threat to McIntyre and anyone else holding that title. It is time to see a new group standing at the forefront Monday nights and it is not Retribution.