WWE News: Drew McIntyre gets called out for a dream match against another champion

WWE WrestleMania, Drew McIntyre (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE WrestleMania, Drew McIntyre (photo courtesy of WWE) /

Will a Champion vs Champion match be ‘Best for Business’ for WWE Champion Drew McIntyre?

WWE NXT UK Champion Walter spoke with GiveMeSport and shared his thoughts on the possibility of facing the current Universal Champion Drew McIntyre. The Ring General is not interested in switching from the black and gold brand to the red or blue, but he does want to face the current champion.

NXT UK has been off TV due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. WWE decided to stop the proceedings, but the cherished program will be back on television from its new home in the BT Sport Studio in London, England.

Walter showed appreciation for his possible match and also talked about his 500-day reign as the champion. The Austrian superstar is a valuable superstar for WWE, and this match will help them raise the stakes of the returning program.

Here’s the quote from his interview with talkSPORT’s Oliver Browning:

"“I’m not focused on if I want to go to RAW or SmackDown, I’m not that sort of guy. But I have a lot of respect for Drew. He represents European wrestling as a whole very well in the United States. I really like his style of wrestling, he’s a big and tall guy, very intense. I’m hoping for a singles match with him one day.”“500 days is a long run with a title, but to be fair, we’ve had half a year break. We’ve got to put it into perspective but going forward, these new tapings will give us a chance to step up.”"

Drew McIntyre has been on a winning spree since taking down The Beast Incarnate and The Big Show on the same night at WrestleMania. The Scottish Psychopath is involved in an ongoing feud with The Apex Predator Randy Orton, and the two will collide inside the ring at the company’s next major show, Clash of Champions.

While the result of the match between the two experienced and amazing superstars is unclear, a fight between Imperium leader and The Chosen one is worthy enough to get the fans talking. Vince and Co. are trying different options to get the fans enticed about their show, and this may be one way to give NXT UK the perfect start that it needs.

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The two can put on a clinic between the ropes, and so if they fight on NXT UK or any other show, it is clear that the experience will be exemplary. Imperium Leader makes a good argument and has the physique that can instill fear in his opponents, but will the current Universal Champion go down without a fight?