Impact Wrestling: Top five factions in history

IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS
IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS /
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5. The Beautiful People

The Beautiful People made their Impact Wrestling debut in 2007 and consisted of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky – they added Madison Rayne (2009) and Lacey Von Erich a year later.

More than pretty faces, Love and Sky made it their mission to “cleanse” Impact “one ugly person at a time” and did so by any means necessary – including shaving the head of rivals such as Roxxi Laveaux and giving “makeovers” to several other Knockouts.

At times they were seen as a comedy act but they got things done in the ring and had great matches against O.D.B., Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, and Tara – they also won several titles including the Knockouts Championship six times (Love won it four times and Madison Rayne on two occasions) and the Knockouts Tag Team Championship twice.

As with most factions, The Beautiful People split up –  Angelina Love and Velvet Sky turning on Madison Rayne in 2010 and Love doing the same to Sky 12 months later. Love and Sky left Impact in 2011 and returned three years later. Their last run with the company, as a collective, was in 2016. Madison Rayne is still in the promotion while Velvet Sky hasn’t wrestled since 2016 and Angelina Love left a year later.

These ladies were ahead of their time and were a prominent part of Impact when their women’s division was the best in America – they were having great matches when World Wrestling Entertainment’s women were being cut from the main WrestleMania card and having three-minute matches on television.

The Beautiful People’s influence on other women is evident – teams like Lay-Cool, The IIconics, and Lana and Natayla have had similar characteristics as them.