Impact Wrestling: Top five factions in history

IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS
IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS /
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3. Team Canada

Initially formed as a group, by ‘Coach’ Scott D’Amore as a part of the 2004 America’s X-Cup Tournament, Team Canada grew into one of the most dominant factions in Impact Wrestling.

The team comprised of Johnny Devine, Teddy Hart, Jack Evens, Petey Williams, Eric Young, Bobby Roode, Ruffy Silverstein, A-1, and Tyson Dux – their aim was to make Impact better by physically imposing themselves on anyone who didn’t think Canada was the best country in the world. The group sang the Canadian national anthem before matches, covered the ‘a’ in TNA on their merchandise (with a Maple Leaf), and carried a hockey stick to the ring – wrapped in the Canadian flag that was often used to cheat to gain victory. They drew so much heat from the fans, getting the right response to their antics.

With such strong opinions on the country they represented, Team Canada were bound to meet resistance and that came from Team 3D, 3LK, and Team USA. The matches with Brother Ray and Brother D-Von were the most intense, Team Canada left the legendary duo bloody on the March 25, 2006, episode of Impact, during a violent Steel Cage Match.

The faction disbanded, a few months later, but left a lasting impression as one of the strongest teams in Impact Wrestling history. Team Canada gave the likes of Eric Young, Petey Williams, and Bobby Roode the chance to shine before they went onto flourish on their own.