WWE News: Are More Superstars Ready To Switch To Impact Wrestling?

Impact Wrestling, Heath (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)
Impact Wrestling, Heath (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images) /

Heath made the move from WWE to Impact Wrestling, and he says other wrestlers are considering joining him.

Heath Slater is one of many superstars that were released by the wrestling juggernaut on Wednesday, April 15.

The former WWE tag team champion and current Impact Wrestling star recently spoke with TV Insider and shared light on the current state of the locker room.

Slater said,

"“They know when they are locked down under contract, they can’t get out. That’s the bottom line. You may have well-signed yourself up for the military. But guys that did get released and guys from other companies have been texting and calling and asking about Impact. The WWE crew, some of them have been like, ‘Man, that would be awesome to do this, But I still got a year-and-a-half or another year.’ I’m like, ‘Remember what you’re saying because years go by pretty fast. So if you really want to, I might know a guy.’ The interest is there for sure.”"

Credit: TV Insider 

The former SmackDown Tag Team Champion didn’t get enough opportunity during his stint with the WWE, but he did his best with the material that he received. The performer didn’t hesitate from going above and beyond to make the segment entertaining, but despite a decade long journey, he didn’t get what he deserved (excluding developmental).

The One-Man band couldn’t get the tunes that would please the higher-ups in the company, and so he worked as a jobber. He was a part of various funny segments during his time in the company.

We have seen how his persona has changed, and a lot of former WWE superstars have also switched companies. Eric Young, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, EC3, Brian Myers, and Deonna Purrazzo are now a part of Impact Wrestling.

A promising superstar like EC3 never got his due credit, and Eric Young couldn’t do more than his work as the leader of SAnitY on the black and gold brand. The company released superstars because it felt that they don’t belong or there was additional stress on them due to an occupied roster.

No matter what the reason may be, this has helped superstars with caliber to explore opportunities outside of the wrestling juggernaut. It has helped them get more exposure and better storylines than what they have received in their lifetime in the WWE.

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Heath Slater has been pushed well in Impact, and others have also received their due credit in the other companies. WWE must understand this because it would be late if they don’t, and the talent may be gone before they know it.