WWE Raw Predictions: Keith Lee Will Bask In RETRIBUTION

WWE, Keith Lee (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Keith Lee (photo courtesy of WWE) /
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4.) Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins [Steel Cage Match]

At WWE SummerSlam 2020, Seth Rollins already defeated Dominik Mysterio. However, after Dominik’s tag victory with his father at WWE PayBack 2020 against Rollins and Murphy, he has bounced back with a big victory over Murphy in a Street Fight on last week’s Raw. Legend says that Murphy is still sustaining kendo stick attacks from the Mysterio family.

Thanks to 50:50 booking in the WWE, there’s a good chance Dominik will come out with the win in this one to get his revenge from losing to Rollins at SummerSlam and continue his momentum from defeating Murphy on last week’s Raw. Since it’s a steel cage match, he does not necessarily have to pin or submit Rollins.

To protect Seth Rollins in defeat, Dominik can simply climb and escape the cage to win the match. Expect a crazy aerial spot by Dominik in this match from the top of the cage as well. As can be substantiated by Dominick’s match with Murphy last week, it wouldn’t be too surprising if this match with Rollins main evented the show as well.

Prediction: Dominik Mysterio

3.) Asuka (c) vs. Mickie James [Raw Women’s Championship]

This scheduled Raw Women’s Championship match is special because Mickie James’ first match since returning to the WWE in 2016 was against Asuka. It’s splendid to see everything come full circle with this PPV-worthy feud. Despite the fact that it would have been a perfect crowning moment for Mickie James’ seventh Championship win, that won’t be the case.

Unfortunately, for Mickie James, history will repeat itself because Asuka is not losing the championship just yet, especially since she just recently won the championship back from Sasha Banks at SummerSlam. Asuka’s first title defense in her second reign as Raw Women’s Champion will be successful, and her reign definitely won’t end on an episode of Raw.

Alternatively, there is a solid chance that Natalya and Lana force a disqualification finish by attacking both women as revenge for losing to them in a tag match last week. It must be noted that Natalya was never pinned since defeating Mickie James and thereby has a substantiated argument for a Raw Women’s Championship opportunity.

Consequently, Asuka will either defend her title against James in a rematch or defend it in a triple threat with Natalya included at Clash of Champions. In order to maintain the babyface-heel dynamics, the latter seems more likely. Nonetheless, there’s no doubt that Asuka will walk out of this episode of Raw as Raw Women’s Champion.

Prediction: Asuka