WWE Raw Predictions: Keith Lee Will Bask In RETRIBUTION

WWE, Keith Lee (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Keith Lee (photo courtesy of WWE) /
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2.) Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee [Grudge Match]

On last week’s WWE Raw, Drew McIntyre interrupted Randy Orton’s match with Keith Lee by delivering a Claymore to Orton. On Raw Talk, Keith Lee revealed that he did not appreciate Drew McIntyre interrupting his match, especially since Lee ended up losing via disqualification to Orton because of McIntyre’s interference. This might be WWE’s way of teasing a triple threat title match amongst McIntyre, Orton, and Lee in the near future.

Nonetheless, expect Randy Orton to return the favor and RKO or Punt Kick McIntyre during his match with Lee. This means that Lee will end up losing via disqualification to McIntyre as well, thereby angering Lee even more and eliciting his ‘retribution’ against McIntyre and Orton in the near future. What if Lee interrupts their championship match at WWE Clash of Champions 2020 to obtain said ‘retribution’?

Prediction: Drew McIntyre (DQ)

1.) Who Will RETRIBUTION strike NEXT?

Speaking of Retribution, the mysterious faction cut a promo for the first time on last week’s WWE Raw. While our Patches Chances had plenty of convincing speculations as to who those members and especially the leader (*cough* Dominick Dijakovic) will be, this prediction will focus on who RETRIBUTION will strike next.

Since Orton and McIntyre are busy kicking each other’s heads off and Lee merely got thrown in their feud, he might get involved in another feud for the time being to maintain his relevancy en route to Clash of Champions. If Dijakovic is indeed the leader, it would make sense that he wants retribution against Lee for not helping him when he got decimated by Karrion Kross on NXT.

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Also, Lee is the most recent NXT call up to the main roster. Since RETRIBUTION consists of NXT superstars (conjecturally assumed because they never invaded NXT), they may want to assert their brand supremacy by attacking Lee as a sign of ‘retribution’ for Lee leaving NXT. Who knows? Their motives are as mysterious as their voices, except Dominick Dijakovic’s of course.

Prediction: Keith Lee